Table of contents for The mediating effect of public opinion on public policy : exploring the realm of health care / Richard E. Chard.

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Acknowledgments                                              x

Chapter 1. Health Policy Change                              1
            Why Has Health Care Dominated the Policy Agenda?   1
            Explanations from Social Science                  4
            Overview                                           7

Chapter 2. Exploring the Foundations of Dynamic Policy Change  11
            Path Dependence                                       11
            The Importance of Public Opinion in Shaping Health
              Care Policy                                         14
            American Health Care Policy                           16
            The Dynamic Nature of Health Care Reform?         20
            Incrementalism versus Dynamism in Health Care     26

Chapter 3. Path Dependence and Policy Change                      29
            Introduction                                          29
            Social Constructions and Medicare                     33
            How the Elderly Lost and Regained Their Health
              Insurance                                           33
            Analyzing Change                                      35
            Does the Mood Really Matter?                          44
            Conclusion                                            46

Chapter 4. Presidents as Advocates, Entrepreneurs, and Agenda
              Setters                                             47
            Introduction                                          47
            Presidents as Advocates and Entrepreneurs         49
            Policy Change Research                                50
            The Presidents and Their Policies                     52

            Data and Methods                                     61
            Results                                              66
            Discussion                                           69
            Conclusion                                           72

Chapter 5. Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise?                            75
            Introduction                                          75
            Theories of Information                               77
            The Failure of the Health Security Act                81
            Information and Policy Support                        83
            Measuring and Testing Knowledge                       84
            A Model of Reciprocal Causation                       85
            Results                                               89
            Conclusion                                            90

Chapter 6. Examining the Impact of Countervalent Messages on
              Policy Support                                      93
            Introduction                                          93
            Media Effects: Negative Advertsing and "Harry and
              Louise"                                             94
            The Media and the Health Security Act                 97
            Study One: Testing the Strength of the Countervalent
              Information Message                                 99
            Study Two: Understanding the Effects of Political
              Sophistication                                     101
            Discussion                                           104
            Conclusion                                           107

Chapter 7. Media Effects and Policy Opinions                     109
            Introduction                                         109
            Media Priming                                        110
            Media Coverage and Information about the Health
               Security Act                                      113
            Study One: Data and Methods                          114
            Study One: A Model of Priming Effects on
               1996 Presidential Vote Intentions                 115
            Study One: Results and Discussion                    116
            Study Two: An Experimental Test of Media
               Priming of Health Care in the 2000 Presidential Race  117
            Study Two: Data and Methods                          118
            A Model of Priming Effects on Candidate Evaluations  118
            Study Two: Results and Discussion                    120
            Conclusions                                          122


Chapter 8. Dynamic Health Policy Change                           125
            Introduction                                          125
            The Public Mood and National Health Care Spending  129
            Health Policy History and Presidential Activity  130
            The Rise and the Demise of the Health Security Act  131
            Conclusion                                            133

Methodological Appendix                                           135

Notes                                                             155

References                                                        159

Index                                                             175


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