Table of contents for Memory and memorials : the commemorative century / edited by William Kidd and Brian Murdoch.

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List of Illustrations                                      vii
Acknowledgements                                          viii
Notes on contributors                                      ix
Introduction                                                1
William Kidd and Brian Murdoch
Part One  Memorials and remembrance, 1915-30               11
1    Rodin's Bourgeois de Calais: commemorating a French
national ideal in London                              13
Axel Lapp
2    Making the Great War great: 1914-18 war memorials in
Wallonia                                              26
Laurence van Ypersele
3    Belonging to a 'grandiose' family: visual memory and
representations of the chain of solidarity between the
generations in French First World War culture         41
Marie-Monique Huss
4    The Scottish National War Memorial                    61
Angus Calder
5    Ordeal and re-affirmation: masculinity and the construction
of Scottish and English national identity in Great War
memorial sculpture 1919-30                            75
J.A. Black
6    Memory and prophecy among the war-graves: Hans
Chlumberg's drama, Miracle at Verdun                  92
Brian Murdoch
Part Two Remembering and forgetting, from the Second
World War to the present                       105
7    'To the Lads who came back': memorial windows and Rolls
of Honour in Scotland                                107
William Kidd


8    War, family, commemoration: a path to history        127
J.-S Seriot
9    Remembering and embroidering in Jean Rouaud's family
cycle                                                140
Geoff Woollen
10   Communal myth and silenced memories: the
unremembered experience of Italians in Scotland during
the Second World War                                 151
Wendy Ugolini
11   Liberating France without the French: grammars of
representation                                       167
Hilary Footitt
12   The victims of the purges in Liberation France: between
memory, oblivion and catharsis                       179
Francois Rouquet
Part Three Collective memory in question: challenge and
reconstruction?                               193
13   Memory, distortion and the war in German popular
culture: the case of Konsalik                        195
Maggie Sargeant
14   The problematic commemoration of war in the early films
of Alain Resnais                                     207
Alastair Duncan
15   Pierre Drieu la Rochelle, Louis Malle and the ambiguous
memory of French fascism                             220
Hugo Frey
16   Occupation memories: French history and the Aubrac
affair in the 1990s                                  233
Hanna Diamond and Claire Gorrara
17   Transmission of memory in the classroom: France and the
Algerian war in the 1990s                            245
Jo McCormack
18   From 'hereditary enmity' to Franco-German entente:
shared memory and the construction of friendship     261
Jean-Marc Trouille
Index                                                     273


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