Table of contents for Handbook of culture, therapy, and healing / edited by Uwe P. Gielen, Jefferson M. Fish, Juris G. Draguns.

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Preface                                                                 xi
About the Editors                                                       xv
List of Contributors                                                   xvii

 1. Approaches to Culture, Healing, and Psychotherapy                  1
    Juris G. Draguns, Uwe P. Gielen, and Jefferson M. Fish

I. CULTURE, THERAPY, AND HEALING: BASIC ISSUES                          13

 2. Culture and the Origins of Psychopathology                           15
    Horacio Fabrega, Jr.

 3. The Role of Culture in Definitions, Interpretations, and
    Management of Illness                                               37
    Linda K. Sussman

 4. Cross-cultural Commonalties in Therapy and Healing:
    Theoretical Issues and Psychological and Sociocultural Principles   67
    Jefferson M. Fish

 5. A Biopsychosocial Perspective on Cross-cultural Healing           83
    Michele Hirsch

    NORTH AMERICA                                                      101

 6. The Role of Culture in the Treatment of Culturally Diverse Populations  103
    Joseph F. Aponte

 7. Culturally Oriented Psychotherapy with Refugees                     121
    Fred Bemak and Rita Chi-Ying Chung


III. TRADITIONAL HEALING IN THE AMERICAS                              133

 8. The Role of Dance in a Navajo Healing Ceremonial                   135
    Sandra T. Francis

 9. The Therapeutic Aspects of Salish Spirit Dance Ceremonials      151
    Wolfgang G. Jilek

 10. Traditional Healers in Mexico: The Effectiveness of Spiritual Practices  161
     Kaja Finkler

 11. Women as Healers: A "Gendered" Exploration in Puerto Rico
     and Elsewhere                                                    175
     Joan D. Koss-Chioino

IV. ASIAN APPROACHES TO THERAPY AND HEALING                           189

 12. Indigenous Chinese Healing: Theories and Methods                  191
     Ting Lei, Cecilia Askeroth, and Ching-Tse Lee

 13. Indigenous Chinese Healing: A Criteria-based Meta-analysis of
     Outcomes Research                                                213
     Ting Lei, Cecilia Askeroth, Ching-Tse Lee, Dimitry Burshteyn, and Andrea Einhorn

 14. Psychoanalysis and Buddhism                                       253
     Jeffrey B. Rubin

 15. Japanese Forms of Psychotherapy: Naikan Therapy and
     Morita Therapy                                                   277
     Junko Tanaka-Matsumi

 16. Indian Conceptions of Mental Health, Healing, and the Individual  293
     Rashmi Jaipal

     ARAB WORLD                                                       309

 17. Western Psychotherapy and the Yoruba: Problems of Insight and
     Nondirective Technique                                           311
     Raymond Prince

 18. Healing the Wounds Following Protracted Conflict in Angola:
     A Community-based Approach to Assisting War-affected Children  321
     Michael G. Wessells and Carlinda Monteiro

 19. Native Healing in Arab-Islamic Societies                         343
     Ihsan Al-Issa and Abdulla Al-Subaie


VI. OUTLOOK                                                             367

 20. From Speculation Through Description Toward Investigation:
     A Prospective Glimpse at Cultural Research in Psychotherapy   369
     Juris G. Draguns

Appendix Culture, Therapy, and Healing: A Selective Bibliography   389
          Uwe P. Gielen, Juris G. Draguns, and Jefferson M. Fish

Author Index                                                            401

Subject Index                                                           415


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