Table of contents for Egyptian art : selected writings of Bernard V. Bothmer / edited by Madeleine E. Cody, with the assistance of Paul Edmund Stanwick and Marsha Hill.

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   Bernard V. Bothmer: doctor doctissimus optimisque artibus eruditissimus by T. G. H. James xvii

   Introduction: Bernard V. Bothmer and Egyptian Art History by Rita E. Freed xxiii

 1. A Wooden Statue of Dynasty VI 3

 2. Notes on the Mycerinus Triad 11

 3. The Signs of Age 25

 4. Membra Dispersa: King Amenhotep II Making an Offering 39

 5. Delta Sites I-V 57

 6. Block Statues of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom: I. Ipepy's Funerary Monument 83

 7. The Philadelphia-Cairo Statue of Osorkon II (Membra Dispersa III) 103

 8. Block Statues of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom: II. The Sculpture of Teta's Son 121

 9. A New Field of Egyptian Art: Sculpture of the Late Period 143

10. A Brooklyn,Head on a Cairo Statue: The Egyptian Priest Wesir-wer 157

11. Private Sculpture of Dynasty XVIII in Brooklyn 167

12. Bemused and Benign: A Fragmentary Head of Dynasty XIII in the Brooklyn Museum 199

13. A New Fragment of an Old Palette 209

14. More Statues of Senenmut 217

15. Musings of an ARCE Fellow at Work in Cairo 237

16. Apotheosis in Late Egyptian Sculpture 249

17. A Bust of Ny-user-ra from Byblos, in Beirut, Lebanon 279

18. The Head That Grew a Face: Notes on a Fine Forgery 289


19. The Karnak Statue of Ny-user-ra (Membra Dispersa IV) 299

20. A Contemporary of King Amenhotep II at Karnak 315

21. Ancient Nubia and the Northern Sudan: A New Field of Art History 321

22. Revealing Man's Fate in Man's Face 329

23. The Block Statue of Ankh-khonsu in Boston and Cairo (Membra Dispersa V), with a Contribution
    by Herman de Meulenaere 337

24. The Significance of Nubian Art 355

25. On Realism in Egyptian Funerary Sculpture of the Old Kingdom 371

26. The Brussels-Brooklyn Statue of Bakenrenef(Membra Dispersa VI) 395

27. Egyptian Antecedents of Roman Republican Verism 407

28. The Great Naos at Mendes and Its Sculpture 433

29. Eyes and Iconography in the Splendid Century: King Amenhotep III and His Aftermath 443

30. Hellenistic Elements in Egyptian Sculpture of the Ptolemaic Period 465

    Bibliography of Bernard V. Bothmer by Diane Bergman 495

    Photograph Credits 503

    Index of Owners 509

    General Index 515


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