Table of contents for The letters of Hildegard of Bingen / translated by Joseph L. Baird, Radd K. Ehrman.

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Introduction, 3
Trier (St. Eucharius)
Letter 218        Hildegard to the Monk Berthold, 9
Letter 219        Hildegard to a Community of Monks, 9
Letter 220       A Community of Monks to Hildegard, 10
Letter 220r       Hildegard to the Community of Monks, 11
Trier (St. Simeon)
Letter 221       A Provost to Hildegard, 15
Letter 221r       Hildegard to the Provost, 16
Letter 222        Hildegard to the Nun Luitburga, 17
rier (St. Peter)
Letter 223       A Provost and Clerics to Hildegard, 17
Letter 223r      Hildegard to the Clerics, 18
Letter 224       A Priest to Hildegard, 23

Letter 225        Hildegard to the Canon Baldwin, 24
Letter 226        Hildegard to That Same(?) Priest, 25
Letter 227        Henry, a Teacher, to Hildegard, 25
Letter 227r       Hildegard to Henry, the Teacher, 26
Letter 228        A Canon to Hildegard, 27
Letter 228r       Hildegard to the Canon, 28
Letter 229        An Abbot to Hildegard, 29
Letter 230        A Prelate to Hildegard, 30
Letter 231        The Abbess Mechtild to Hildegard, 31
Letter 232        Hildegard to the Nun Gertrude, 32
Letter 233        Hildegard to the Nun Gertrude, 32
Letter 234        Hildegard to Jutta, a Lay-Sister, 33
Letter 235        Hildegard to a Community of Nuns, 34
Letter 236        Hildegard to an Abbot, 35
Letter 237        An Abbess to Hildegard, 35
Letter 237r       Hildegard to the Abbess, 36
Letter 238        Hildegard to the Prioress Christina, 36
Letter 239        Hildegard to a Community of Nuns, 37
Letter 240        An Abbot to Hildegard, 37
Letter 240r       Hildegard to the Abbot, 38
Letter 241        A Prior to Hildegard, 40
Letter 241r       Hildegard to the Community of Monks, 40
Letter 242        Hildegard to the Abbot Berthold, 42

Letter 243        Hildegard to the Abbot Berthold, 42
Letter 244        The Abbot Berthold to Hildegard, 43
Letter 244r(?)    Hildegard to the Abbot Berthold, 43 
Letter 245        Hildegard to the Abbot Berthold, 44
Letter 246        Hildegard to the Monk Bertolf, 44
Letter 247        Hildegard to a Community of Monks, 45
Letter 248       Hildegard to a Community of Monks, 45
Letter 249        Hildegard to an Enclosed Person, 46
Letter 250       A Community of Nuns to Hildegard, 47
Letter 250r       Hildegard to the Community of Nuns, 47
Letters to Clergy at No Specified Locale Letters 251-61   
To Abbots, 49
Letters 262-65r  To and from Prelates, 56
Letters 266-69r  To and from Abbesses, 61
Letter 270       A Cleric to Hildegard, 66
Letters 270r-274 To and from Monks, 66
Letter 275       Hildegard to a Nun, 70
Letters 276-78   To and from Communities, 71
Letters 279-81   To Teachers, 76
Letters 282-310  To and from Priests and Clerics, 80
Letters to and from the Noble Laity
Letter 311        Conrad [III], King of the Romans [Germany], to
Hildegard, 109
Letter 311r      Hildegard to Conrad [III], King of the
Romans, 110
Letter 312       Hildegard to King Frederick [later,
Barbarossa], 112
Letter 313       Hildegard to King Frederick rlater,
Barbarossa], 113
Letter 314       The Emperor Frederick [Barbarossa] to
Hildegard, 113
Letter 315       Hildegard to the Emperor Frederick
[Barbarossa], 114
Letter 316       Hildegard to the Emperor Frederick
tBarbarossa](?), 114

Letter 317        Hildegard to Henry [II], King of England, 116
Letter 318        Hildegard to Eleanor [of Aquitaine], Queen of
England, 117
Letter 319        Hildegard to [the Empress Irene] Bertha [of
Sulzbach], Queen of the Greeks, 117 Letter 320        
Hildegard to Matthew, Duke of Lotharingia, 118
Letter 321        Hildegard to Duke Welf (VI), 119
Letter 322        Hildegard to the Duchess Bertha, 119
Letter 323        Hildegard to the Margravine Richardis [von
Stade], 120
Letter 324        Philip, Count of Flanders, to Hildegard, 121
Letter 324r       Hildegard to Philip, Count of Flanders, 122
Letter 325        Hildegard to Gerhard, Count of
Wertheim, 123
Letter 326        Hildegard to the Countess Oda of
Eberstein, 123
Letter 327        Hildegard to Luthgard, Countess of
Neuffen, 124
Letter 328        Hildegard to A., Countess of Regensburg, 125
Letter 329        Hildegard to Countess Irmintrude of
Widen, 125
Letter 330        Hildegard to a Knight, 126
Letter 331        Hildegard to a Nobleman(?), 126
Letters 332-73      To Lay People, 127
Letters of Dubious Epistolary Character
Letter 374        Meditation [on the Word in the Gospel of St.
John], 161
Letter 375        A Vision [of Eve's Rape] to Strengthen the
Faithful, 162
Letter 376        A Vision of a Soul Suffering Various Torments
in Purgatory [Vision of the Punishments in Purgatory], 163
Letter 377        A Sermon on Pride: How the Verse "The
Mountain Ascend and the Plains Descend" Is to Be Understood, 164

Letter 378        Tract on Discretion in Judgment, 165
Letter 379        A Vision about Mankind's Desire Wholly
Directed toward the Lord's Passion, 168 
Letter 380        About the Meaning of the Mountain of Myrrh
and Incense [Explication of Canticles 4.6], 169 
Letter 381        A Sermon on the Perverse Doctrine of the
Heretics [against the Cathars], 170 
Letter 382        A Message on Inspiration: About the Fall of the
First Man and Salvation through the Second, 174
Letter 383        An Exposition of Matthew 6.9-13: The Lord's
Prayer, 175
Letter 384        A Vision about the Three Virtues: The Three
Levels within the Church, 176 
Letter 385        Meditations on the Creation of the World and
the Fall of Adam, 178 
Letter 386        An Exposition of Matthew 26: About the
Eucharist, 179
Letter 387        Admonition: God's Word against the
Heretics, 181
Letter 388        A Note about Receiving [Administering] the
Eucharist, 181
Letter 389        Prayers and Meditations about Prophecy, 182
Letter 390        [A Collection of] Songs and Meditations, 193
Endnotes, 205
Supplemental Bibliography, 217
Scripture Index, 219
General Index, 221


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