Table of contents for Eastern influences on Western philosophy : a reader / edited by Alexander Lyon Macfie.

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Introduction                                       1
1. Malebranche and Chinese Philosophy
David E. Mungello                          29
2. The Pre-Established Harmony Between Leibniz
and Chinese Thought
Daniel J. Cook and Henry Rosemont          55
3. The Sinophilism of Christian Wolff (1679-1754)
Donald F Lach                              69
4. Voltaire, Sinophile
Basil Guy                                  83
5. The Possibility of Oriental Influence in Hume's
Nolan Pliny Jacobson                      110
6. Herder and German Romanticism
Ronald Taylor                             130
7. Hegel
Wilhelm Halbfass                          141
8. Schelling and Schopenhauer
Wilhelm Halbfass                          161
9. The Influences of Eastern Thought on Schopenhauer's
Doctrine of the Thing-in-Itself
Moira Nicholls                            187
10. Emerson and Indian Philosophy
Dale Riepe                                220
11. Thoreau's India: The Impact of Reading in a Crisis
David H. Albert                           230
12. Thoreau's Hindu Quotations in A Week
Ellen M. Raghavan and Barry Wood          242
13. Nietzsche's Trans-European Eye
Mervyn Sprung                             247


14. Nietzsche and the Laws of Manu
Thomas H. Brobjer                         260
15. Taoism and Jung: Synchronicity and the Self
Harold Coward                             279
16. Martin Buber and Taoism
Irene Eber                                296
17. Heidegger's Hidden Sources: East Asian
Influences on his Work
Reinhard May                              315
Bibliography                                    323
Copyright Acknowledgements                      343
Index                                           345


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