Table of contents for Egypt : an economic geography / Fouad N. Ibrahim with Barbara Ibrahim.

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2 The People of Egypt
The complexity of Egyptian identity 18 Women in Egyptian
society 115 The Copts - the descendants of the Pharaohs as a minority
today 123 The Nubians - a people without a homeland 127 
The Bedouin of the marginal deserts 127 Dynamics of growth, spatial
distribution and migration of the Egyptian population 129
3 From Foreign Rule to Self-determination
Egypt's history seen from an Egyptian perspective 134
Civil society in Egypt - an agent of social and political change? 137
4 Egypt's Natural Potential
Geological and morphological structures of the country 142
Climatic conditions 150 Soils 152 
Vegetation, fauna and the processes
of desertification 153
5 The Regional Structure of Egypt
The Western Desert 157 The Eastern Desert 160
The Sinai Peninsula and the Suez Canal Zone 161
The Nile Valley 164 The Nile Delta 165
6 Egypt's Water Resources and Water Demand
Rainfall in Egypt - an under-used potential 168 Groundwater
a limited resource 169 
The Nile 170
7 Development and Features of the Egyptian Economy
From socialism to capitalism - fifty years of changing economic policies 193 
Deregulation of the economy and the problems of
unemployment and migration 199 
Education and the labour force 1103
Egypt as a rentier state 1 110

8  Egypt's Agriculture under Stress
Foreign currency versus food security 114 
Land tenure and land
distribution in Egypt 1114 Historical development of Egypt's agricultural
production 1121 The country's agricultural production today 1124
Land reclamation - Egypt's hope for the future 1140 Animal husbandry
and the fishing industry 1153
9  Old and New Industries in Egypt
The history of industrialization in Egypt 1157 The economic and political background of Egyptian industries 163 
The problems of Egypt's industries today } 170
10 Tourism in Egypt
International tourism 1175 Domestic tourism 1197
11 Egypt's Urban Centres and Rural Settlements
Cairo metropolis [202 Mediterranean metropolis: Alexandria 1222
The regional capitals 1235 Towns in the desert - a rediscovered
urbanization strategy for Egypt 1241 Egypt's rural settlements 1245
12 The Prospectsfor Egypt's Economy at the Beginning of the Twentyfirst Century
The struggle for economic transformation 1247 Egypt's capital
investment environment 1250 Boosting research and technological development 1251 
Agricultural mega-projects for the third millennium 1252 
Sustainability of development in Egypt 1254


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