Table of contents for Recall! : California's political earthquake / Larry Gersten and Terry Christensen.

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Part I. The Politics of Recall
1. The California Republic: More Like a Nation Than a State
 Land of Direct Democracy
 "California Sets the Pace": Tom Brokaw, NBC News,
 October 8, 2003
 California's Economy: Ranking Sixth in the World If
 the State Were a Nation
 Diversity Compounded by Diversity
 Fractured Political Parties
 Out of History and Diversity: Opportunity-and Opportunists
2. Elements of a Perfect Storm
 The Power Crisis
 A Plunging Economy
 The Budget Deficit
 And Then the Rains Came

Part II. The Shaping of the Battle
3. The Legislature: Gridlock Defined
 The Problem of the Two-Thirds Vote
 The Term-Limits Paradox
 Safe Districts and Dangerous Legislative Conflicts
 Adding Fuel to the Fire

4. Governor Gray Davis: Triumph, Decline, Denial
 Who Is Gray Davis?
 Governor Davis: "Implement My Vision"
 Slow Reaction: A Governor in Denial
 Davis Agonistes
5. Qualifying for the Ballot: Right-Wing Conspiracy or
 Convergence of Interests?
 Qualifying for the Ballot
 Instigators and Visionaries
 The Stealth Campaign: The Internet and Talk Radio
 Darrell Issa's Golden Egg
 Davis Fights Back
 Republicans Engaged
 An Election Is Ordered

Part III. The Campaign
6. The 75-Day Sprint
 The Recall Goes to Court
 A Two-Part Affair
 Gray Davis: Defending Slippery Turf
 Arnold Schwarzenegger: Capitalizing on the Mystique of Celebrity
 Cruz Bustamante: The Democratic Alternative
 Tom McClintock: The Conservative Conscience
 Peter Camejo: The Liberal Conscience
 Bill Simon, Peter Ueberroth, and Arianna Huffington:
 The Dropouts
 The Supporting Cast
 And the Winner Is
7. The Issues
 Voter Concerns
 Candidate Positions
 The Economy and the Budget
 Education: We're All for the Kids
 Energy: Crisis and Conspiracy Theories
 Immigration-and Immigrant Candidates

 Social Issues: Gay Rights, Gun Control, Abortion,
 and Women's Rights
 Other Issues: The Environment, Health Care, and Political Reform
 Issues: The Bottom Line
8. Interest Groups: Taking Sides
 The Right: Conservative Groups and the Recall
 The Left: Liberal Groups and the Recall
 Labor: Rallying the Troops Business: A Winner at Last
 Indians: California's Newest Players
 Follow the Money
 Personality Politics: Movie Stars and Political Stars
 A Different Sort of Election
9. The Campaigns and the Media:
 Whose Election Is It Anyway?
 The Campaigns: Shaping the Messages
 The Polls: What Did We Know and When Did We Know It?
 The Debates
 The News Media: Kill the Messenger Alternative Media: Celebrity Politics
 The Final Cliffhanger

Part IV. The Outcome
10. Davis Loses the Recall Battle
 A "Normal" Political Campaign in an Abnormal Political Climate
 A Mandate for Change
 Key Factors
 The Schwarzenegger Surprise
 Voting Groups
 A Smooth Operation After All
 Anatomy of a Defeat
11. Recall and Political Stability in California:
 Can They Coexist?
 Putting the Pieces Back Together
 Lessons Learned

 The Permanence of Structural Issues
 California Recall: "Perfect Storm" or Trendsetter?
 The Uncertainty Ahead 
12. Epilogue
 Out with the Old-In with the New
 Schwarzenegger the Activist
 Early Victories
 Early Defeats
 Early Compromises
 The Movie Star and the Bully Pulpit
 More to Come-But What?
Appendix A: Recall Timeline 
Appendix B: The 2003 Recall Election and California Politics
 on the Internet Notes
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