Table of contents for Trust and distrust in organizations : dilemmas and approaches / Roderick M. Kramer and Karen S. Cook, editors.

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Contributors                             xi
Chapter 1     Trust and Distrust in Organizations:
Dilemmas and Approaches                   1
Roderick M. Kramer and Karen S. Cook
PART I           TRUST AND HIERARCHY                     19
Chapter 2     Trust in Leaders: Existing Research
and Emerging Issues                      21
Kurt T. Dirks and Daniel P. Skarlicki
Chapter 3     Supervisors as Trust Brokers in
Social-Work Bureaucracies                41
John Brehm and Scott Gates
Chapter 4     Trust and Distrust in Patient-Physician
Relationships: Perceived Determinants of High- and Low-Trust Relationships
in Managed-Care Settings                 65
Karen S. Cook, Roderick M. Kramer, David H. Thom, Irena Stepanikova,
Stefanie Bailey Mollborn, and
Robin M. Cooper
Chapter 5     Monitoring, Rules, and the Control
Paradox: Can the Good Soldier
Svejk Be Trusted?                        99
Gary J. Miller
Chapter 6     Commitment, Trust, and Worker Effort
Expenditure in Organizations            127
John M. Darley

AND NETWORKS                           153
Chapter 7     Will Security Enhance Trust Online,
or Supplant It?                        155
Helen Nissenbaum
Chapter 8     Architects of Trust: The Role of Network
Facilitators in Geographical Clusters  189
Bill McEvily and Akbar Zaheer
Chapter 9     Trust in Context: The Development of
Interpersonal Trust in Geographically
Distributed Work                       214
Roxanne Zolin and Pamela J. Hinds
Chapter 10    Psychological Safety, Trust, and
Learning in Organizations:
A Group-Level Lens                     239
Amy C. Edmondson
AND SUSTAINING TRUST                   273
Chapter 11    Managing Images of Trustworthiness
in Organizations                       275
Kimberly D. Elsbach
Chapter 12    Paradoxes of Trust: Empirical and
Theoretical Departures from
a Traditional Model                    293
J. Keith Murnighan, Deepak Malhotra,
and J. Mark Weber
Chapter 13    Untangling the Knot of Trust
and Betrayal                           327
Sandra L. Robinson, Kurt T. Dirks,
and Hakan Ozcelik
Chapter 14    Power, Uncertainty, and the
Amplification of Doubt:
An Archival Study of Suspicion Inside
the Oval Office                        342
Roderick M. Kramer and Dana A. Gavrieli
Index                                  371


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