Table of contents for Economic growth, poverty, and household welfare in Vietnam / edited by Paul Glewwe, Nisha Agrawal, David Dollar.

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1.  An Overview of Economic Growth and Household Welfare
in Vietnam in the 1990s
Paul Glewwe

Part I. Vietnam's Economic Performance in the 1990s
2.  Reform, Growth, and Poverty
David Dollar
3.  The Wage Labor Market and Inequality in Vietnam
John Luke Gallup
4.  Household Enterprises in Vietnam: Survival, Growth,
and Living Standards
Wim P. M. Vijverberg and Jonathan Haughton
5.  Agriculture and Income Distribution in Rural Vietnam
under Economic Reforms: A Tale of Two Regions
Dwayne Benjamin and Loren Brandt


Part II. Poverty Reduction in Vietnam in the 1990s
6.   The Static and Dynamic Incidence of Vietnam's Public
Safety Net
Dominique van de Walle
7.   The Spatial Distribution of Poverty in Vietnam and the Potential
for Targeting
Nicholas Minot and Bob Baulch
8.   Ethnic Minority Development in Vietnam: A Socioeconomic
Bob Baulch, Truong Thi Kim Chuyen, Dominique Haughton,
and Jonathan Haughton

Part III. Progress in Health and Education in Vietnam
in the 1990s.
9.   Poverty and Survival Prospects of Vietnamese Children
under Doi Moi
Adam Wagstaff and Nga Nguyet Nguyen
10. Child Nutrition, Economic Growth, and the Provision
of Health Care Services in Vietnam
Paul Glewwe, Stefanie Koch, and Bui Linh Nguyen
11. Patterns of Health Care Use in Vietnam: Analysis of 1998 Vietnam
Living Standards Survey Data
Pravin K. Trivedi
12. Trends in the Education Sector.
Nga Nguyet Nguyen
13. An Investigation of the Determinants of School Progress
and Academic Achievement in Vietnam
Paul Glewwe

Part IV. Other Topics
14. Child Labor in Transition in Vietnam
Eric Edmonds and Carrie Turk
15. Economic Mobility in Vietnam
Paul Glewwe and Phong Nguyen
16. Private Interhousehold Transfers in Vietnam
Donald Cox
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