Table of contents for Corrosion and protection / Einar Bardal.

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1   Introduction
1.1   Definition and Main Groups of Corrosion - Terminology
1.2   Importance of Corrosion and Prevention Efforts
1.3   Corrosion Science and Corrosion Technology
2   Wet Corrosion: Characteristics, Prevention and
Corrosion Rate
2.1    Description of a Wet Corrosion Process
2.2    Crucial Mechanisms Determining Corrosion Rates
2.3    Corrosion Prevention Measures
2.4    Expressions and Measures of Corrosion Rates
2.5    Basic Properties That Determine if Corrosion Is Possible
       and How Fast Material Can Corrode
3   Thermodynamics - Equilibrium Potentials
3.1    Introduction
3.2    Free Enthalpy and Cell Voltage
3.3    The Influence of the State of Matter on Free Enthalpy and
       the Change of Free Enthalpy
3.4    Change of Free Enthalpy in Chemical Reactions.
       Reversible Cell Voltage
3.5    Electrode Reactions and Electrode Potentials
3.6    Series of Standard Potentials
3.7    Equilibrium Potentials of Reactions with Iron at 25C
3.8    Pourbaix Diagram
3.9    A Simplified Presentation of Equilibrium Potential and
       Deviation from It
3.10   Possible Range for Real Potentials Under Corrosion Conditions
4 Electrode Kinetics
4.1   Introduction: Anodic and Cathodic Reactions


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