Table of contents for Islam, a guide for Jews and Christians / F.E. Peters.

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1.      Discovering Scripture in Scripture                 1
"In the Beginning . . ."; The Name(s) and Nature of God; The Bible in the Quran; 
History Begins; The Covenant and the Covenants; Abraham; A Holy Land; Hagar and Ishmael; 
Ishmaelites and Arabs; Abraham and Ishmael in Mecca; Israelite Tales; Abraham the Builder; 
The Origins of the Meccan Pilgrimage; The Binding of Isaac (or Ishmael); 
The Jews in the Quran; Jesus in the Quran; Christians and Christianity in the Quran
2.       The Past Remembered                              30
What the Arabs Thought, Remembered or Imagined; Mecca before the Prophet; The Holy Place; 
The Kaaba; The Rituals of the Kaaba; The Meccan Haram; Meccan Paganism; 
The Quranic Evidence; The Cult Practices of the Arabs; The Jews of Arabia; The Christians of Arabia
3.       "And Muhammad Is His Messenger"                  51
The Muhammad of History; Hagiography and History; Muhammad: A Life; Imagining Revelation; 
The Message of Islam; The Opposition; The "Satanic Verses"; Muhammad's Night Journey and Ascension; 
Muhammad Cleansed, and Rapt; Boycott; The Hegira

4.       The Prince of Medina                           68
The Medina Accords; The Practice of Islam; Muhammad and the Jews; The Religion of Abraham; 
The Master of Medina (624-628); Muhammad and the Jews (continued); The Lord of Arabia (628-632); 
Muhammad and the Jews (concluded); The Wives and Children of the Prophet; The Opening of Mecca; 
Problems before and after Tabuk; The Last Years (631-632); Collecting the Quran; The Arrangement
of the Suras Muhammad and Jesus: An Essay in Comparison     96
5.       The Muslim Scripture: The Quran                99
Scripture: A History; Three Sacred Books, Three Peoples of the Book; On Tampering with Scripture; 
Who Wrote Scripture?; A Different Book; The Other Scriptures; In the Silence after the Seal; 
Unpacking the Word of God; The Quran Reads Itself: Abrogation, Emendation, Elaboration?; 
The Miracle of the Quran; History and Scripture; The "Occasions of Revelation"; 
Plain and Allegorical Exegesis in Islam; The Muslims Struggle with Revelation and Reason; Shiite Tafsir
6.       The Umma, Allah's Commonwealth                127
The Creation of the Umma; A Successor to the Prophet; Tensions in the Community; Ali ibn Abi Talib (601-661); 
A Disputed Succession; The Umayyads (661-750); The Shiite Imamate; Sunnis and Shiites; The Hidden Imam; 
Political Ismailism: The Fatimids; The Sultanate; The Ottomans and a Universal Caliphate; 
The End of the Caliphate; Iran as a Shiite State; The Shiite Ulama and the State; The Islamic Republic of Iran
7.       God's Way: A Life and a Law for Muslims       156
Muhammad as Moral Exemplar; The Goods of This World; The Tradition; God's Way; Instruction from On High: The


Prophetic Reports; From Prophetic Tradition to Law; A Growth Industry; A Skeptical Reaction; 
Islamic Justice: The Qadi; Islamic Morality and Islamic Jurisprudence; A Society of Law - and Lawyers; 
Judgments and Opinions; Priests and Rabbis; Jewish Rabbis and Islamic Ulama: A Comparison with a Difference; 
The Schools; Ijtihad; The Closing of the Gate; Consensus on Moral Matters
.     Defining and Defending the Community
of Believers                                  186
Identity Markers; Building the Umma: Conversion; The Making of a Muslim; An Arab, and Arabic, Islam; 
"There Is No Coercion in Religion"; Dhimma and Dhimmis; The Millet System; Defining the Truth; 
The Umma Divided: Early Muslim Sects and Sectarianism; Innovation and Heresy; Sunnis and Shiites; 
The Enemy Without: Jihad; Just Wars and Crusades; The Enemy Within: Ibn Taymiyya; Fundamentalists As the Faithful Remnant
9.       The Worshipful Acts                          216
To Be a Muslim; Women in the Ritual Life of Islam; Muslim Prayer; Friday Prayer and the Mosque; 
The Hajj; To Mount Arafat and Back; Intercalation Prohibited; The Enshrinement of Jerusalem; The Distant Shrine; 
The Christian Assault on Jerusalem; Muslim Jerusalem in the Middle Ages; The Pious Visit al-Quds; Muslim Devotions; 
The Friends of God; The Passion and the Death of Husayn; Islam and the Graven Image; The Word as Decoration
10.       This World and the Next                       245
The Beginnings of Muslim Asceticism; The Sufi Way; The Path to God; Salvation; The End and What Follows; 
End Time Scenarios; The Muslim Dead; The Cosmology of the Other World; A Heavenly Journey; The Quranic Eschaton; 
Intercession in Islam; The Vision of God and Other Rewards
of Paradise; Are the Martyrs in Paradise? A Savior Returns;
Shiite Messianism; The Mahdi
Reflections after a Breakfast                    273
Index                                            277


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