Table of contents for The Brown family history II: tracing the Clark Brown line / by Ella Brown Spooner ; revised by Judith Young and Celista Platz.

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                         PART ONE
Chapter 1 The Brown University Browns
       Our Pioneer Ancestors                                   1
       The Brown University Browns                            3
       Extracts from the Catalog                              6
       John Carter Brown Library                              9
       *Brown University Today                                9
Chapter 2 The Brown Family Tree
       The Brown Family Tree                                   13
       The Name Brown                                          14
       Chad Brown as One of the Founders of the City of Providence  15 
       Letter from Clark Brown of Newport                      22
       Church Letter of John Brown, Jr.                        23
       John Brown, Jr. on Committee of Safety                  23
       A Summons                                               24
Chapter 3 The Reverend Clark Brown
      The Reverend Clark Brown                                25
      The Marriage of The Reverend Clark Brown                27
      *The Wedding Sermon                                     29
      The Home of Clark Brown in Brimfield, MA                35
      Deeds of House Lots in Brimfield, MA                    36
      The Reverend Clark Brown in Montpelier, VT              37
      *The Vermont Precursor                                  38
      The Reverend Clark Brown in Swanzey, NH                 40
Chapter 4 The Reverend Clark Brown In Maryland
       Letter from The Rev. Clark Brown to Tabitha Brown     41
       Letter from The Rev. Clark Brown to his Children 1815  42 
       Letter from The Rev. Clark Brown to Rt. Rev James Kemp  44
       Letter from Tabitha Brown to Noyes Brown                45
       Letter from Tabitha Brown to Captain John Brown      46
       The Place of The Rev. Clark Brown's Death               48
       The Exact Location of His Church and Place of Burial  48 
       *Letter from the Vestry to Bishop Kemp                  49
       *Christ Church, William and Mary Parish                 50
       *Letter from Rev. C. W. Marm to Bishop Kemp             53
       *Letter from Rev. C. W. Marm to Rt. Rev James Kemp    54 
       Letter from Captain Alexander Palmer to Mrs. E. M. Wilson  55 
       Additional Notes Regarding Clark Brown                  56
       Clark Brown's Family After 1817                         58
Chapter 5 Writings of Clark Brown
       Memorandum from the Library of Congress                 59
       Two Extracts from Clark Brown's Defense                 60
       Clark Brown's Confession of Faith                       61
       Clark Brown's Degrees                                   62
       *Extracts from Clark Brown's Sermon on Education of Children  63 
       *A Sermon at the Ordination of Rev. Jonathan Nye      68
       *Preface and Prayer from Masonic Sermon                 69
Chapter 6 The Brothers of Clark Brown
       Sanford Brown                                           71
       Noyes Brown                                             71
       Captain John Brown                                      71
       *Captain John Brown's Address on Abstinence             73
Chapter 7 The Oregon Trail
       *"Pilgrims of the Plains" by Joaquin Miller             75
       * Map of the Oregon Trail                               78

       *The Oregon Trail                                         79
       Brimfield HeroineLetter 1854                              78
       Reply to the Brimfield Heroine Letter Oct 16, 1854   84 
       *The Virgil Pringle Diary                                 86
       *The Experiences of an Emigrant Boy                      107
Chapter 8 Tabltha Moffatt Brown
       Notes on Tabitha Brown's Life                            115
       Celebration of Golden Jubilee of Pacific University  115 
       Reminiscences of Tabitha Brown by Liberta Brown Shoch  118 
       *Proposed Trip to the East                               119
       The Death of Tabitha Brown                               120
       *The Flag Made by Tabitha Brown and her Students    121 
       *Morning Greeting of Tabitha Brown's Students       122
       *Recollections of Grandma Brown by Jane Kinney Smith  122 
       *The Building of Old College Hall                        125
       Fifty Years of the College                               127
       Golden Jubilee, Tualatin Academy                         134
       *History of Forest Grove                                 136
       *Pacific University Today                                139
       *Liberty Ships                                           140
       *Tabitha Moffatt Brown - Named Mother of Oregon     145
       *Bibliography at Pacific University Regarding Tabitha Brown  147 
       *Bibliography in Oregon State Library Regarding Tabitha Brown 149 
       *Oregon Mother, 'Tabitha M. Brown, A Pioneer At Her Best"  151 
       *Headlines Concerning Tabitha M. Brown                   153
Chapter 9 Letters To and From Tabitha Moffatt Brown 1836-1858
       Manthano to Tabitha Brown 1836                           t55
       TB to Virgil Pringle & Family Apr 15, 1848          157
       *Mary Brown to TB Sep13, 1851 "The love I have..."  157 
       *TB to Mr. Hatch 1852                                    159
       TS Harmon to TB Jun 11, 1853                             159
       TB to Mary Brown May 18, 1854                            159
       *TB to Pherne 1854 'Well, Pherne what is the news..."  161 
       *TB to Brother, etc. Dec 1854 "I have just received..."  161 
       TS Harmon to TB Jan 1855 'You will see by the..."   163 
       Chester Moffatt to TB Mar 1855                           165
       Mary Moffatt? to TB "Once more with pleasure I sit down..."  165 
       *TB to Brother Apr, 1855 "With Heartfelt...yrs of 5th of Mar..."  166 
       *TB to Mary Aug 1855 'Yesterday I had the pleasure..."  168 
       *Pherne Pringle to TB Jan 1856 "The boys have just..."  168 
       *TB to Mary and All Persons Jan 1856 "Yrs of Nov 20th..."  169 
       TB to Pherne Mar 1856 "I received eight lines of inquiry..."  170 
       *TB to All Whom It May Concern Dec 1856 "We are all well..."  171 
       TB to_ "Six weeks have passed..."                        172
       *TB to Mary June 8, 1856 "I love you Mary..."       172
       Geo Atkinson to TB "I feel grateful..."                  174
       *TB to Brother, Sister, Etc1857 "To my great joy and..."  174 
       GW Sanford to TB Aug 1857 "You may think strange..."  175 
       *TB to Robert Porter Jan 29, 1858                        176
       TB to Alvin Brown Feb 24, 1858 "1 have had another..."  176 
       President Marsh to TB Mar 1858 "Dear Grandma, The first..."  177 
Chapter 10 The Children of Clark and Tabitha Brown Orus Brown        179
       Orus Brown                                               180
       Incident Concerning Orus Brown by Mrs. Kate Miller  181 
       *"Orus Brown" by Ernestine Davidson                      181

       *Orus Brown Deed                                        183
       *Orus Brown Will                                        184
       Letter of Mrs. Liberta Brown Shoch                      185
       Letter of Mrs. H. A. Lewis                              186
       *Home of Alvin Brown - Davidson Description          187
       Dr. Elmer Brown                                         188
       Manthano Brown                                          190
       Manthano Brown                                          191
       Brown Incidents During Civil War                        194
       Home of Manthano Brown near Vibbard, MO                 197
       Letter of Minnie S. Brown                               198
       *Obituaries for Manthano Brown's Family                 202
       The Family of Catherine Clements                        202
       The Family of Sarah Lawrence Hamilton                   202
       Pherne Brown Prlngle                                    206
       Pherne Brown Pringle                                    207
       Letters to and from Pherne Brown Pringle                208
       The Story of Catherine Sager Pringle by Mrs. Kate Miller  215 
       *The Sager-Pringle Connection by Charlotte Filer    217 
       Partial Letter From Mrs. Emma Hughes to Mrs. T. E. Lynn  219 
       Letter from Mrs. Mary S. Kinney                         220
       Emma Hughes Pringle                                     221
       *The Pringles or Prindles and Their Name                223
       John Mattocks Brown                                     225

                            PART TWO
Chapter 11 The Carr, Power and Clark Families
       The Carr Family Tree                                    229
       The Power and Clark Families                            229
Chapter 12 The Ancestry of Dorothy Noyes
       The Ancestry of Dorothy Noyes                           231
       The Noyes Family Tree                                   231
       Will of Anne Noyes                                      235
       The Reverend James Noyes of Newbury                     235
       Letter from Nicholas Noyes                              236
       Letter from James Noyes, March 15,1693                  237
       Will of Rev James Noyes                                 238
Chapter 13 The Lord and Stanton Family Tree
       The Lord and Stanton Family Tree                        243
       Epitaph of Richard Lord                                 246
Chapter 14 The Hutchinson Family Tree
       The Hutchinson Family Tree                              247
       The Marbury And Dryden Families                         253
       Mrs. Anne Hutchinson An Account of her
              As Seen From the Plymouth Colony Viewpoint    253
       Anne Marbury Hutchinson                                 255
       Anne Hutchinson's Statue for Boston                     259
       The Tragedy of Anne Hutchinson                          260
       A Reference to Anne Hutchinson                          266
       *A Partial Bibliography of Works relating to Anne Hutchinson  268 
       An Estimate of the Woman                                269
       *Apologizing to Anne Hutchinson                         270
       Anne Hutchinson's Children                              272
       Anne Hutchinson's Sister, Katharine Marbury Scott   273 
Chapter 15 The Sanford Governors of Rhode Island
       The Sanford Governors of Rhode Island                   275

Chapter 16 Governor William Coddington
      Goveror William Coddington                              277
      The Coddington Family                                  279
Chapter 17 The Ancestry of Mary Holmes, Mother of Clark Brown
      The Ancestry of Mary Holmes                            281
      The Holmes Family Tree                                 282
      The Mayflower Ancestry of Clark Brown's Mother, Mary Holmes 284 
      Letter from Miss Wheeler                               289
Chapter 18 The Howland Family
      The Old Howland House                                  290
      Howland Relics and Memorials                           291
      John Howland, Mayflower Pilgrim                        292
      John Howland's Will and Inventory                      297
      The Ancestry of John Howland                           303
      John Howland                                           304
Chapter 19 The White Bible Data
       The White Bible Data                                   305
       Letter from Mrs. McClurg                               308
Chapter 20 The Gorham, Sturges and Halsey Families
       The Gorham Family                                      309
       Captain John Gorham, of Barnstable                     309
       The Sturges Family                                     310
       The Halsey Family                                      311
       The Halseys in England                                 311
       The Halseys in America                                 312
       The Naples Letter of Thomas Halsey                     315
Chapter 21 The Ancestry of Tabitha Moffatt
       The Ancestry of Tabitha Moffatt                        317
       The Epitaph of Dr. Joseph Moffatt                      317
       Dr. Joseph Moffatt's Will                              318
       *The William and Mehitable Moffatt Family              320
       *The Waters Family                                     322
       The Moffatt Family Tree                                325
       The Haynes Family Tree                                 326
       Peter Noyes                                            328
       The Haynes Family, Continued                           328
       Will of Alice Hayne, 1620 of Semley, England        329
Chapter 22 Notes Regarding Patriotic Societies
       *Patriotic Societies                                   333
       *Our Washington Line                                   334

                       PART THREE
The Genealogy of the Brown Family                             336
Index to Part Three                                           448
Index to Parts One and Two                                    484
Notes and Sources                                             491
Relationship Chart                                            493
Family Entry Pages                                            494

*Entries which were not included in the 1929 Edition


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