Table of contents for Jobs and incomes in a globalizing world / Ajit K. Ghose.

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1.   Introauction

2.   Globalization: Characteristics, issues and concerns
      What is globalization?
      Globalization: An empirical sketch
      Globalization: Then and now
      Globalization: Issues and concerns
      Appendix 2.1 List of countries

3.   Trade and global income inequality
      Global income inequality, 1981-97
           The preliminaries
           Inter-country inequality, 1981-97 International inequality, 1981-97
      Trade liberalization and global income inequality
      Appendix 3.1 List of countries
      Appendix 3.2 Percentage distribution of population by the inequality
      trend in countries of residence

4.   Trade, jobs and wages
      What does economic theory tell us?
            The basic analytical framework
            A necessary dose of realism
      The empirical evidence


           Trade and the pattern of specialization
           Employment and wages in industrialized countries
           Employment and wages in developing countries
      A summing up
      Appendix 4.1 Classification of manufacturing industries
      Appendix 4.2 Ratio of manufacturing employment to total civilian
      employment, average annual growth rate (%), various years
      Appendix 4.3 Trade performance, selected ME countries, various years

5.    Trade and international migration
      Trade and international migration: Insights from economic theory
      International migration in the 1990s: The evidence
           The trends
           The phenomenon of brain drain
      International migration, then and now
      Appendix 5.1 Cumulative effects of emigration on population
      and labour force in European countries, 1870-1910

6.    Trade and labour standards
      Trade and labour standards: Theory and evidence
           Some preliminaries
           An analytical perspective
           "Unfair trade" and "social dumping"
           "Race to the bottom"
      Improving labour standards in a developing economy
      Concluding remarks

7.    Conclusions References



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