Table of contents for Gray matters : the workplace survival guide / Bob Rosner, Allan Halcrow, John Lavin.

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      1. Change: How to thrive during uncertainty by driving change
      2. Walk Your Talk: How to earn respect by aligning whatyou say with whatyou do
      3. Dollars and Sense: How to useyour company's financial data to set priorities
      4. Politics: How to maneuver through workplace dynamics-good and bad-to get
         things done
      5. Customers: How to identify whatyour customers really think
      6. Relationships: How to be a successful team player

part two: SALES
      7. Sales Autopsy: How to make sense of losing a key customer
      8. Know Your Market: How to understand what the market wants soyou
          can deliver
      9. Qualifying: How to identiy your most likely buyers
      10. Walk in Their Shoes: How to understand the business challengesyour
          customers face-and howyou can help
     11. Objections: How to identify-and overcome-the primary reasonsyour
          customers say "no"
     12. Secondary Objections: How to identif and overcome the unspokenand 
         often emotional-reasons customers say "no"
     13. Building Relationships: How to listen, establish trust, and go the extra mile
         foryour customers
     14. Closing the Sale: How to ask customers for their business

     15. Exhaustion: How to set priorities, say "no," and easeyour stress
     16. Anger: How to keep things in perspective and manageyour emotions
     17. Surrender: How to leverageyour influence and make a difference
     18. Obsolescence: How to hone your skills and stay on top ofyour field
     19. Incompetence: How to encourage-and use-feedback onyour performance
     20. Withdrawal: How to stay focused onyour mission and connected to others
     21. Dysfunction: How to staygrounded-and work with those who aren't

part four: INNOVATION
     22. The Spirit of Innovation: How to implement new ideas and build for
         the future
     23. Obstacles to Innovation: How to overcome the roadblocks to success


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