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Appendix: Labor Documents

1. American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial
         Organizations (AFL-CIO) Constitution: Preamble and Article II
2. Anthracite Coal Strike of 1902: Response to a
        New York Times Letter by Mine Owners Spokesman
        George Baer
3. Black Workers after the Knights of Labor: July 1918
         Article from The Messenger
4. "Bread and Roses": Poem by James Oppenheim-1912
5. Cesar Chavez: "The Mexican-American and the Church"
6. Coalition of Labor Union Women: Mission Statement
7. Colored National Labor Union
8. Communist Manifesto (1848)
9. Comparable Worth: 1986 Minnesota Study by Sara Evans
         and Barbara Nelson
10. Direct Action and Sabotage: Excerpt from May 1912
         Article by Frank Bohn in Solidarity


11. Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement (D.R.U.M.):
   Excerpt of February 1971 Article in Inner-City Voice
12. Edward Bellamy: Excerpts from Looking Backward (1888) 
13. Eight-Hour Association: 1886 Appeal for Reduction in
   Working Hours
14. Emma Goldman: Excerpts from Her Autobiography 
15. Eugene V. Debs: Excerpts from His Statement Upon
   Sentencing for Violation of the Espionage Act, 1918 
16. Excluding Black Workers: 1902 Letter in Locomotive
   Firemen's Magazine and 1929 Article by Elmer Anderson
   Carter in Opportunity
17. Fair Wages: Excerpt from John L. Lewis's The Miners' Fight
   for American Standards (1925)
18. Flint Sit-Down Strike: Excerpt of 1976 Interview of
    Genora Johnson Dollinger
19. Forcing the Hand of the Fair Employment Practices
    Committee: Excerpt from November 1942 Article in
    Survey Graphic Magazine
20. Forty Years in a Steel Mill: Studs Terkel Interviews
    Steelworker Steve Dubi
21. Founding of the American Federation of Labor (AFL): Excerpts
    for the AFL Call to Action (1886)
22. Gilded Age Social Conditions: Testimony before the
    U.S. Senate Committee upon the Relations between
    Labor and Capital (1883)
23. Grape Boycott: September 1965 Memo of Cesar Chavez 
24. Immigrant Workers: Excerpt from a December 1881
    Article by Elizabeth Buffum Chase in the Labor Standard 
25. Indentured Servant Contract (1627) 
26. An Insider's View of the Fair Employment Practices
    Committee: An Interview with Earl B. Dickerson 
27. Knights of Labor: Preamble and Platform to Their
    Constitution (1891)
28. The Lawrence Strike, 1912: Excerpt from the Autobiography
    of Big Bill Haywood
29. Life in Lowell, Massachusetts: Boarding House and
    Factory Rules for the Hamilton Manufacturing
    Company (1848)


30. Molly Maguires: Excerpts from an 1894 Article by
   Cleveland Moffet in McClure's Magazine
31. National Labor Relations (Wagner) Act (1935) 
32. Persecution of the Industrial Workers of the World:
    "Big Bill" Haywood's Description of the 1919 Murder of
    Wesley Everest
33. Principles of Scientific Management: Excerpt from
    Frederick Winslow Taylor's Shop Management, 1911
34. Excerpts from Henry George's Progress and Poverty (1879) 
35. Pullman, Illinois, a Company Town: Excerpt from
    U.S. Strike Commission Report on the Chicago Strikes
    of June and July 1894
36. Pullman Strike: Another Excerpt from the U.S. Strike
    Commission Report
37. Real-Life Rosie the Riveter: Excerpt of Augusta Clawson's
    Experiences as a World War II Shipyard Worker 
38. Rerum Novarum: Excerpts from Bull Issued by
    Pope Leo XIII in 1891
39. Social Darwinism: Excerpt from Rev. Henry Ward
    Beecher's "Bread-and-Water" Sermon (1877)
40. "Solidarity Forever": Ralph Chaplin's American Labor
    Anthem (1915)
41. Steel Workers: Excerpt from John Fitch's
    The Steel Workers, 1910
42. Stella Nowicki: Interview with a Meatpacking
    Plant Worker, 1973
43. Strikes: Excerpts from Samuel Gompers's Testimony
    before a U.S. House Committee on Capital-Labor
    Relations (1899)
44. Sweatshops: Excerpt from Louis Levine's Description
    of Turn-of-the-Century Abuses in Garment-Industry
45. Taft-Hartley Labor Relations Act (1947) 
46. Terence V. Powderly: Excerpts from His Autobiography 
47. Textile Workers: Excerpt of Testimony before the
    U.S. Senate by John Hill, 1885
48. "There Is Power in a Union": A Song by Joe Hill, 1913


49. Thomas Geoghegan: Excerpt from Which Side
   Are You On?, 1991
50. Triangle Fire: Excerpts from the March 1911 New York Times
   Account of the Fire and from an April 1911 Speech
   by Rose Schneiderman
51. Voluntarism: Excerpts from Samuel Gompers's
   Autobiography (1925)
52. Women in the American Federation of Labor: Excerpt
   from Writings of Edward O'Donnell
53. Women on the Breadlines During the Depression:
    An Account Published by Meridel Le Sueur in
    New Masses 1932
54. Yellow-Dog Contract (1904) 
55. Yellow-Dog Contract in the Coal Industry (1917)


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