Table of contents for Reforming Korea's industrial conglomerates / Edward M. Graham.

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1  Introduction

2  The Miracle with a Dark Side: Korean Economic
   Development under Park Chung-hee
   Prologue to the Miracle
   Military Coup, and the Miracle Begins
   The HCI Drive
   The End of the HCI Drive, and an Evaluation
   Appendix 2.1: Might Industrial Policy in a Developing
     Country Succeed for Reasons Not Explained by
     Classical Economics?

3  The Miracle with a Dark Side:
   The Chun and Roh Years, 1980-92
   Chun Doo-hwan Takes Over
   Economic Reform under Chun
   Further Efforts to Reform the Chaebol
   Vestiges of Industrial Policy Remain During the
      Chun and Roh Eras
    Mistakes Mount in the Second Half of
      Roh Tae-woo's Presidency
    Taking Stock, to See the Forest Through the Trees

4  From Full-Blown Democracy to Disaster:
   The Kim Young-sam Years, 1993-97
   Reform and Growth in the Early Years of the Presidency
     of Kim Young-sam
   The Second Half of Kim Young-sam's Administration

5  The 1997-98 Crisis and Its Aftermath
   The Crisis in Korea Unfolds
   Financial Sector Reform
   Erratic Reform in the Industrial Sector
   The Collapse of Daewoo
   The Near Collapse and the De Facto Breakup of the Hyundai Group
   Will 1999 Be Remembered as a Repeat of 1990?

5  Conclusions
    A Tale of Two Countries?
    The Need for Reform in Korea Has Not Ended
    To Conclude the Conclusion



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