Table of contents for Nature across cultures : views of nature and the environment in non-western cultures / editor, Helaine Selin; advisory editor, Arne Kalland.

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  Acknowledgements                                               ix
  About the Authors                                              xi
  Helaine Selin                                                 xix
1. Environmentalism and Images of the Other
   Arne Kalland                                                   1
2. The Global Mobilization of Environmental Concepts: Re-Thinking
   the Western/Non-Western Divide
   Michael Dove, Marina T. Campos, Andrew Salvador Mathews,
   Laura J. Meitzner Yoder, Anne Rademacher, Suk Bae Rhee, and
   Daniel Somers Smith                                            19
3. Variation and Uniformity in the Construction of Biological
   Knowledge Across Cultures
   Roy Ellen                                                      47
4. Local Understandings of the Land: Traditional Ecological
   Knowledge and Indigenous Knowledge
   Roy C. Dudgeon and Fikret Berkes                               75
5. Landscape, Nature, and Culture: A Diachronic Model of HumanNature Adaptations
   Richard Stoffle, Rebecca Toupal, and Nieves Zedefo             97
6. Worldviews and Ecology
   Mary Evelyn Tucker                                            115
7. The Spirit(s) of Conservation in Buddhist Thailand
   Susan M. Darlington                                           129
8. Indian Perspectives on Naturalism
   D.P. Chattopadhyaya                                           147
9. Japanese Views of Nature and the Environment
   John A. Tucker                                                161
10. Winds, Waters, and Earth Energies: Fengshui and Awareness of
   Graham Parkes                                                 185


11. The Perception of Nature and the Environment in Sub-Saharan
   John Kesby                                                   211
12. Knowing Country: Indigenous Australians and the Land
   J.L. Kohen                                                   229
13. Both Sides of the Beach: Knowledges of Nature in Oceania
   Edvard Hviding                                               245
14. Native Views of the Environment in Amazonia
   William Bal&e                                                277
15. Central Andean Views of Nature and the Environment
   David L. Browman                                             289
16. "Nature Doesn't Come as Clean as We Can Think It":
   Dene, Inuit, Scientists, Nature and Environment in the Canadian
   Ellen Bielawski                                              311
17. We Are the Land: Native American Views of Nature
   Annie L. Booth                                               329
18. Buddhist Views of Nature and the Environment
   Leslie Sponsel and Poranee Natadecha-Sponsel                 351
19. Confucian Views of Nature
   John Berthrong                                                373
20. Daoism and Nature
   James Miller                                                  393
21. Hindu Views of Nature and the Environment
   Harold Coward                                                411
22. Nature and Culture: An Islamic Perspective
   S. Parvez Manzoor                                            421
23. Judaism, Israel, and Natural Resources: Models and Practices
   Jeanne Kay Guelke                                            433
   Index                                                        457


Library of Congress Subject Headings for this publication: Human ecology Cross-cultural studies, Philosophy of nature Cross-cultural studies, Indigenous peoples, Nature Effect of human beings on, Environmental protection