Table of contents for In the name of science : a history of secret programs, medical research, and human experimentation / Andrew Goliszek.

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Introduction                                                 xi

The Chemical Revolution: Bringing Bad                     1
Things to Life

Nature's Weapons: Man and Biological Warfare                34

The Eugenics Movement: Past, Present,                       76
and Future

Human Radiation Experiments                                117

The CIA and Human Experiments                              146

Silent Conspirators:                                       181
The Government-Industry Connection, From Aspartame to AZT

Organized Medicine: A Century of Human                    221

Ethnic Weapons: The New Genetic Warfare                   259

What the Future Holds: Human Experimentation              286
in the Twenty-first Century


    I. The Nuremberg Code: Directives for Human           317

   II. The Wilson Memorandum                              319

   III. Sec. 1520A. Restrictions on the Use of          323
      Human Subjects for Testing of Chemical
      or Biological Agents

  IV. The Declaration of Helsinki                        325

  V. Excerpts from: Biological Testing Involving      329
      Human Subjects by the Department of Defense, 1977, 
      Ninety-fifth Congress,
      March 8 and March 23, 1977; Declassified
      by 056047, 15 Sept 1975

  VI. Letter to the Secretary of the Department        333
      of Defense Regarding Gulf War Syndrome

 VII. Letter to Author Regarding Biological               337
      Agents As Possible Cause of Gulf War

 VIII. U.S. Supreme Court, Buck v. Bell, 274              340
      U.S. 200 (1927); Buck v. Bell,
      Superintendent of State Colony Epileptics
      and Feeble Minded No. 292, Argued
      April 22, 1927, Decided May 2, 1927

  IX. Excerpts from: Final Report of the                  344
      Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Ad Hoc Advisory
      Panel (1973)

   X. American Eugenics Party Platform                    351

  XI. Memorandum About Project Artichoke                   355

  XII. Excerpt of Memorandum Dated                        358
      December 3, 1975 from Liggett & Myers About Radioactive 
      Materials in Cigarettes

 XIII. War Crimes Indictments for Human Medical            360
      Experiments. From Nuremberg Military
      Tribunals Under Control Council Law No. 10

 XIV. Letter from Senator Howard Metzenbaum                367
      About the Dangers of Aspartame

  XV. Letter from the EPA to Senator Metzenbaum            371
      About the Dangers of Aspartame

 XVI. Project Artichoke Operations Document                374

 XVII. Project MKOFTEN Documents                            380

XVIII. Executive Order 13139: Improving                    388
      Health Protection of Military Personnel
      Participating in Particular Military

 XIX. Excerpts from: NSDA Draft Report                     395
      Concerning Aspartame, Congressional Record
      S5507-S5511, March 7, 1985

  XX. Letter from the EPA Regarding Dangers of             397

Bibliography                                               407

Index                                                      433


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