Table of contents for Russian trade unions and industrial relations in transition / Sarah Ashwin and Simon Clarke.

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Acronyms and Abbreviations                                         xi
1 Introduction                                                        1
2 Trade Unions and Industrial Relations in the Soviet System          8
   The formation of the soviet trade unions                           8
   After Lenin: the fate of the unions                               14
   The structure and functions of soviet trade unions                17
   The regulation of the employment relationship                     22
   Trade unions and the labour collective under perestroika          26
   The reform of the trade unions under perestroika                  30
   Post-soviet trade unions in search of a role                      33
3 Trade Unions and Politics in Post-Soviet Russia                    36
   Trade unions and politics in the Yeltsin era                      38
   The challenge of Yeltsin's reforms                                38
   FNPR in the confrontation between Yeltsin and Parliament          41
   FNPR's change of line                                             42
   Trade unions during thefirst Duma (1994-6)                        44
   The unions in the 1995 election                                   47
   Lobbying the second Duma (1996-9)                                 50
   The 1999 Duma election                                            55
   The 2000 Presidential election and FNPR under Putin               60
   The campaign against the Unified Social Tax and the Labour Code   62
   FNPR under threat                                                 68
   Conclusion                                                        71

4 The Structure of Russian Trade Unions                              73
   International Relations of the Russia trade unions                75
   FNPR                                                              76
   The branch unions                                                 78
   Regional trade union organisations                                81
   Trade union membership                                            86
   Membership dues                                                   88
   Trade union property                                              90
   The trade union apparatus                                         93
   Who are the trade union officers?                                 95
   Trade union expenditure                                           98
5 The Legal Framework of Industrial Relations                       101
   Post-soviet changes to the legal framework: an overview          103
   The Russian Constitution                                         105
   The Russian Labour Code                                          106
   The 2001 Labour Code                                             111
   The Law on Trade Unions                                          114
   Trade union rights and status                                    117
   The unions as a privileged interlocutor with government          119
   Rights in relation to management                                 121
   The Law on Collective Bargaining and Agreements                  124
   The Law on Collective Labour Disputes                            127
   Conclusion                                                       131

6 Social Partnership                                                132
   The origins and meaning of 'sotsial'noe partnerstvo'             132
   Social partnership at the Federal level: the history of the
   Russian Tripartite Commission and the General Agreement          138
   The social partners at national level                            145
   The enforcement of agreements                                    147
   Social partnership at the branch level: branch tariff agreements 148 
   Social partnership at the regional level                         152
   The formal aims of regional social partnership                   154
   Who are the social partners?                                     154
   The content of the regional agreements                           159
   Coverage and enforcement of regional agreements                  168
   The regional tripartite commission                               170
   Relations with the regional legislature                          172
   Social partnership at the sub-regional level                     173
   What is the point of social partnership?                         174
7 The Functions of Russian Trade Unions                             179
   Wage determination                                               179
   Employment protection                                            182
   Social protection and the enforcement of labour rights           184
   Support for the negotiation of collective agreements             185
   Training for trade union activists                               186
   Provision of legal advice                                        188
   Action through the courts                                        190
   Conflict resolution                                              192
   Monitoring the observance of health and safety and labour legislation  193 
   Informational-analytical work                                      196
   Social welfare and mass-cultural work                              197
   Organisation and recruitment                                       200

8 Trade Unions and Industrial Relations in the Enterprise          203
   Privatisation, the enterprise director and the labour.collective  203
   Globalisation and the collapse of the Russian economy           204
   Primary organisations after the collapse of communism           207
   Trade union organisation                                        212
   Trade union facilities                                          216
   Trade union activities                                          217
   Collective agreements                                           220
   Failure to conclude a collective agreement                      222
   Negotiation of the collective agreement                         225
   Content of the collective agreement                             228
   Fulfilment and enforcement of the collective agreement          234
   Relations with the administration                               237
   Relations with members                                          241
   Relations with regional trade union bodies                      246
   Conflict                                                        248
   Individual labour disputes                                      249
   Collective labour conflicts                                     252
   Militant trade union organisations                              257
   Do Russian workers need trade unions?                           259
9 The Future of Russian Trade Unionism                             262
   The limitations of social partnership                           262
   The vicious circle of conciliation                              265
   Hierarchy and trade union democracy                             267
   The demobilisation of the membership                            268
   Russian trade unionism in comparative perspective               270
   The future of Russian trade unionism                            273
Bibliography                                                       277
Index                                                              285


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