Table of contents for Healing performances of Bali : between darkness and light / Angela Hobart.

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Illustrations                                                  ix
Preface                                                       xiii
Acknowledgements                                               xv
1. Introduction: Setting the Scene                              1
Encountering Healing: An Outline of the Argument              1
Bali: A Brief Background                                     9
Historical Survey of the Medical System                      11
2. The Village Community and Family                            27
The Village Community and Household Compound                28
Anger and Outlets for the 'Uncivilised' Passions            37
3. Healers and the Traditional Medical System                  53
The Health Care System                                      53
Scholarly Healers                                           59
A Healer's Paraphernalia: Magical Drawings                  63
Spirit Mediums                                              88
4. Power and the Shadow Theatre of the Queen Sorceress        103
Witchcraft and Sorcery in Daily Life                       103
The Shadow Theatre of Calon Arang                          112
5. The Mythological Figures Rangda and Barongs                123
Myths of Creation                                          125
The Art of Mask Making                                     131
Encountering Barongs as Healing Agents in Dreams and Rites  157

6. Community Well-being and the Religious Festival Galungan   167
Ritual Space and the Social Organisation of the Festival    168
The Celebration: Processions, Ludic Songs and Dance-drama
Performances                                                172
Recentring the Community                                    195
Galungan: Continuity and Change                            202
7. The Aesthetics of Healing                                  207
Balinese Notions of Self                                   208
Mediating Between Darkness and Light                       225
Thanking the Gods: The Drama of the Lost Prince            235
Appendix                                                      247
Glossary                                                      249
Bibliography                                                  255
Index                                                         266


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