Table of contents for Your essential guide to career success / Sheila Pantry, Peter Griffiths.

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Foreword Sue Hill                                         vii
1  Scene setting: the challenges of today's employment market  1
Introduction                                            1
Employment patterns - no more 'jobs for life'?          3
The effect of official policies                         5
New focus in subject work                               6
New areas of professional work                          8
Working in another country                              9
The need for continuing professional development       12
New skills for new roles                               13
2  Your master career plan, or, Do you have to kiss a lot of
frogs to find a prince or princess?                    17
Job for life or portfolio career?                      18
Risk assessment for jobs                               20
Is there a better job for you?                         21
Getting help                                           21
So what types of jobs are available?                   22
Joining associated groups                              31
Taking a worldwide approach                            31

3  Starting your career                               34
'Conventional' library and information work        35
New areas of work for library and information professionals  35 
Research the marketplace                           40
What are and where are the jobs?                   43
The professional bodies                            44
Where do I find out about available jobs?          46
The generalist                                     47
Experience: how long is long enough?               48
Work patterns                                      49
Mentoring                                          50
Deciding what is right for you                     53
4  Applying for a job                                 54
How to read a job advertisement                    54
Whether to apply for a post                        55
Do your homework                                   56
How to apply for a post                            58
Matching the employer's requirements               59
Your CV                                            60
Applying 'cold' for a job                          67
Spoilt for choice?                                 67
Working in Europe case study revisited             68
5  Next steps in your career, including promotion plans  71
Getting promoted and developing a job promotion plan  71 
Going for another job in your own organization     77
Going for promotion in your own organization       78
Going for a similar job with another employer      79
Going for a better job with another employer       81
Demonstrating your value to a future employer      81
Referees                                           81

Changing sector                                     83
Working from home                                   84
6  Your successful interview                           87
Getting to the interview stage                      88
What interviewers are looking for                   88
Preparing for your interview                        89
Kinds of interview                                  90
Details of the interview                            93
Other tests                                         94
Watch your appearance                               98
Getting to the interview                            99
Starting the interview                             100
During your interview                              102
Promotion interviews                               104
Wrapping up the interview                          107
The do and don't checklist                         108
7  After the interview                                111
Obtaining feedback about your performance          111
Evaluating the job offer                           112
8  Looking sideways ... and back                      120
Why looking at other opportunities in your organization
may benefit your career                            121
Losing your job                                    124
Temporary work                                     124
Going independent - the pitfalls, perils and pleasures  126 
Code of ethics                                     134
9  Other considerations in career planning            136
What really interests or motivates you?            137

Trends in pay                                      138
Watching the media for jobs advertised              140
Have you thought about being a serial temp worker?  141 
What other benefits does a package offer?           143
What lies over the fence?                           143
Returning to work after a break                    143
Flexibility                                        145
Where do you want to be in three, five or even ten
years' time?                                       146
Have you got the work-life balance right?          147
Now it's your decision                             149
10 Career case studies                                 151
Pat Gallaher, Australia                            152
Irja Laamanen, Finland                             156
Information Specialist, USA                        160
Jan Parry, UK                                       162
Appendix 1
Typical questions on an application form           167
Appendix 2
A possible CV for a library or information professional  172
Further reading, websites and organizations            175
Index                                                  197


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