Table of contents for 2002 Japan conference : a summary of the papers / National Bureau of Economic Research.

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5   Introduction
6   Corporate Affiliations and the (Mis)Allocation of Credit
    Joe Peek, University of Kentucky; Eric Rosengren, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
    Discussant: Kaoru Hosono, Nagoya City University
8   Bank Ties and Bond Market Access: Evidence on Investment-Cash
    Flow Sensitivity in Japan
    Patrick McGuire, Bank for International Settlements
    Discussant: Kazuyuki Suzuki, Meiji University
12  Market Share Dynamics in Japanese Manufacturing
    John Sutton, London School of Economics
    Discussant: Thomas Hubbard, NBER and University of Chicago
14  Open Market Operations, Debt Management, and Exchange Market
    Intervention: The General Case and the Japanese Case
    Speaker: Haruhiko Kuroda, Vice Minister for International Affairs, Ministry
    of Finance of Japan
17  Is Foreign Exchange Market Intervention an Alternative to Monetary
    Policy? Evidence from Japan
    Rasmus Fatum, University of Alberta; Michael Hutchison, University of
    California, Santa Cruz
    Discussant: Linda Tesar, NBER and University of Michigan
20  Is Foreign Exchange Intervention Effective? The Japanese Experiences in the 1990s
    Takatoshi Ito, NBER and University of Tokyo
    Discussant: Linda Tesar, NBER and University of Michigan
22  Panel Discussion on Monetary Policy
    Speakers: Robert Feldman, Morgan Stanley Japan Ltd.;
    Takatoshi Ito, NBER and University of Tokyo;
    Nobuyuki Nakahara, Former Member, BOJ Policy Board
30  Financial Distress and Employment: The Japanese Case in the 90s
    Kazuo Ogawa, Osaka University
    Discussant: Hidehiko Ichimura, University College London
32  Household Portfolios in Japan: Interaction between Equity and Real
    Estate Holdings over the Life Cycle
    Tokuo Iwaisako, Hitotsubashi University
    Discussant: Luigi Guiso, Universita di Sassari

36  Idiosyncratic Risk and Creative Destruction in Japan
   Yasushi Hamao, University of Southern California; Jianping Mei, New York
   University; Yexiao Xu, University of Texas
   Discussant: Jessica Wachter, NBER and New York University
38   Sources of Funds and Investment Activities of Venture Capital Funds:
   Evidence from Germany, Israel, Japan, and the UK
   Colin Mayer, University of Oxford; Koen Schoors, University of Ghent;
   Yishay Yafeh, Hebrew University
   Discussant: Seki Obata, Hitotsubashi University
41  A Search for Mutliple Equilibria in Urban Industrial Structure
   Donald R. Davis and David E. Weinstein, NBER and Columbia University
   Discussant: Takatoshi Tabuchi, University of Tokyo


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