Table of contents for Development fieldwork : a practical guide / edited by Regina Scheyvens and Donovan Storey.

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1     Introduction                                                    1
Regina Scheyvens and Donovan Storey
Purpose 1
Concerns over appropriateness of doing fieldwork in the Third World 2
Responses to the crisis of legitimacy facing Western researchers 4
The potential value of research with 'others' 5
'The field' 8
Scope and limitations 10
Format 11
Overview 12
2     Designing Development Research                                 17
Warwick E. Murray and John Overton
Introduction 17
Design - the ideal field research project 19
Logistics - proposing and planning 29
Research practice - between rigidity and flexibility 32
Conclusion 32

3     Using Quantitative Techniques                                 37
John Overton and Peter van Diermen
Introduction 37
What is quantitative data? 38
What techniques should be used? 39
Sampling 42
How can data be analysed? 44
Limitations and pitfalls 50
Conclusion 54
4     Qualitative Research                                         57
Dan Brockington and Sian Sullivan
Introduction 57
The popularity and perils of PRA 60
Ethnography: participant observation, oral testimony and the
production of texts 65
On subjectivity and experience: phenomenological and
embodiment approaches 68
Qualitative not quantitative? 70
Conclusion 72
5     Practical Issues                                             77
Helen Leslie and Donovan Storey
Introduction 77
Funding 77
Establishing contacts 79
Research 'permission': documentation and gatekeepers 81
Health and safety 83
Places to stay, or not to stay 87 Where to go and when to go 89
Packing 91
Conclusion 93

6     Personal Issues                                                97
Henry Scheyvens and Barbara Nowak
Introduction 97
Motivation and selection of research topic 99
Creating a good impression 100
Desirable personal traits 102
The 'human element' in making judgements 106
Preparing for discomfort and depression 107
Families and partners in the field 109
Conclusion 114
7     Entering the Field                                            119
Helen Leslie and Donovan Storey
The first day 120
The morning after 122
Culture shock 122
Behaviour during fieldwork 128
Working with others: research assistants 131
Language issues 135
Conclusion 137
8     Ethical Issues                                                139
Regina Scheyvens, Barbara Nowak and Henry Scheyvens
Introduction 139
Ethics in research 140
Official ethics procedures 141
Power relations between researchers and their informants 149
Gatekeepers 153
Reciprocity 155
Truth and deception 158
Sex and sexuality 161
Safety of the researcher and responsibilities to self 163
Conclusion 165

9     Working with Marginalised, Vulnerable or Privileged Groups    167
Regina Scheyvens, Henry Scheyvens and Warwick E. Murray
Introduction 167
Researching women 169
Researching children and youths 173
Researching minority ethnic groups 176
Researching the very poor 179
Researching the elite and powerful 182
Advocacy and activism 187
Conclusion 191
10    Anything to Declare?
The Politics and Practicalities of Leaving the Field          197
Sara Kindon and Julie Cupples
Introduction 197
Reasons for leaving 199
Factors influencing experiences of leaving 201 
Feelings/emotions associated with leaving 202
Leaving strategies and ethical responsibilities 206
Practical concerns 211
Conclusion 213
11    Returning to University and Writing the Field                 217
Julie Cupples and Sara Kindon
Introduction 217
Managing shifting feelings and identities about returning
to university 219
Writing and representing 222
Negotiating competing responsibilities: participants, audiences
and careers 227
Returning to the field 229
Conclusion 230

12    Afterword                                                      233
Donovan Storey and Regina Scheyvens
Reflections on the value of fieldwork 233
Key themes 234
The future of development research 235


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