Table of contents for A new view of comparative economic systems / David Kennett.

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Part One
An Introduction to Comparative Economics 2
Chapter 1 Types of Economic Systems 4
Chapter 2 The Roots of Economic Systems 42
Part Two
The Operation of a Market Economy 66
Chapter 3 How a Market System Works 68
Chapter 4 Market Failure and Government Failure 84
Chapter 5 The Institutions of a Modern Market Economy 109
Part Three
Capitalism in Western Europe 138
Chapter 6 France: From Indicative Planning to European Integration 140
Chapter 7 Sweden and Social Democracy 162
Chapter 8 Britain: Privatization and Its Aftermath 183 
Chapter 9 Germany: The Lessons of Reunification 207
Chapter 10 The European Union: History and Institutions 228 
Chapter 11 The European Union: Economic Consequences 248
Part Four
Asian Economies z80
Chapter 12 Japan: Financial Problems and the Corporate Economy 282
Chapter 13 South Korea: A Lesson in Late Industrialization 312
Chapter 14 Taiwan, Singapore, and Indonesia 341
Chapter 15 The Asian Miracle and the Asian Crisis 373

Part Five
Socialist Economies 394
Chapter 16 The Command Economy 396
Chapter 17 The Operation of the Soviet Planned Economy 415
Chapter 18 The Participatory Economy: The Case of Yugoslavia 432
Chapter 19 The Possibilities of a Third Way 451
Part Six
The Economics of Transition 466
Chapter 20 The Process of Transition to a Market Economy 468 .
Chapter 21 Reform and Performance of the Russian Economy 501
Chapter 22 The Progress of Reform in Poland and the Czech Republic 531
Chapter 23 The People's Republic of China 557


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