Table of contents for The life and works of the Lancashire novelist William Harrison Ainsworth, 1850-1882 / Stephen James Carver.

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Acknowledgements                                                 ix
Chronology                                                       xi
Preface                                                        xvii
INTRODUCTION                                                      1
I. Contemporary reception: the pre and early Victorian critical heritage  1 
II. The Victorian reaction                                       19
III. Late Victorian views                                        30
IV. Modem judgements                                             35
V. An age in transition                                          39
Blood and Thunder: A Gothic Apprenticeship                       47
I. Essentialjuvenilia, 1821-1823                                 47
II. The best of the rest: December Tales, 1823                   73
III. The first novel: Sir John Chiverton, 1826                   95
Fame and Infamy: Rookwood, A Romance, 1834                      121
I. Life in London: business, family and Fraser's, 1826-1834     121
II. The design of Romance: Rookwood, Scott and the gothic       131
III. The Phantom Steed: the outlaw narrative of Rookwood        151
Writing the Underworld: Jack Sheppard, A Romance, 1839          171
I. 'A sort ofHogarthian novel'                                  171
II. Vagabondiana: Jack Sheppard and social exploration          195
III. The storm: the Newgate controversy                         219

The Historical Novelist: Prophecy, Passivity and Tragedy        231
I. Twin-born romances: Guy Fawkes and                           231
The Tower of London, 1840
II. Hell on earth: Old St. Paul's,                              270
A Tale of the Plague and the Fire, 1841
III. The devil and his works: Windsor Castle, 1843 and Auriol, 1844  285
The Lancashire Novelist                                         305
I. A dream of flying: The Lancashire Witches.                   305
A Romance of Pendle Forest, 1848
II. The Lancashire novels                                       344
The Greatest Axe-and-Neck Romancer of Our Time                  371
I. Growing old gracefully: 1850-1881                            371
II. Man of La Manchester                                        388
CONCLUSION                                                      405
Appendices                                                      413
A. On the authorship of Sir John Chiverton.                     413
A debate from beyond the grave
B. The original conclusion of Catherine, A Story by Thackeray   421 
C. 'Old Grindrod's Ghost': A Ballad                             423
The Works of William Harrison Ainsworth                         427
Bibliography                                                    435
Index                                                           447


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