Table of contents for Wealth, poverty, and human destiny / Doug Bandow and David L. Schindler, editors.

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Jeremy Beer                                           vii
1     Creating and Distributing Wealth: Whose Responsibility?
Peter J Hill                                           1
2     The Poverty of Liberal Economics
Adrian Walker                                         19
3     Catholic Social Teaching, Markets, and the Poor
Michael Novak                                         51
4     Catholic Social Teaching and the Global Market
D. Stephen Long                                       77
5     The Unfreedom of the Free Market
William T. Cavanaugh                                 103
6     Individualism, the Market, and Christianity: Can the Circle Be
Samuel Gregg                                         129
7     The "Bourgeois Family" and the Meaning of Freedom and
David Crawford                                       155
8     Making Room in the Inn: Why the Modern World
Needs the Needy
Jennifer Roback Morse                                179

Wealth, Poverty, and Human Destiny
9     International Markets, International Poverty: Globalization and
the Poor
Daniel T. Griswold                                   213
10    Wealth, Happiness, and Politics: Aristotelian Questions
V Bradley Lewis                                      241
11    "We Are Not Our Own": George Grant's Critique of Science,
Technology, and Capitalism
Arthur Davis                                         271
12    The Liberalism of John Paul II and the Technological Imperative
Richard John Neuhaus                                 289
Editor's Response
The Conundrum of Capitalism and Christianity
Doug Bandow                                          307
Editor's Response
"Homelessness" and Market Liberalism: Toward an Economic
Culture of Gift and Gratitude
David L Schindler                                    347
Appendix A
The Total Economy
Wendell Berry                                        415
Appendix B
Capitalism, Civil Society, Religion, and the Poor:
A Bibliographical Essay
Max L. Stackhouse with Lawrence M. Stratton          431
About the Contributors                                      465
Notes                                                       469
Index                                                       521


Library of Congress Subject Headings for this publication: Capitalism, Capitalism Moral and ethical aspects, Capitalism Religious aspects, Capitalism Social aspects, Free enterprise Moral and ethical aspects, Free enterprise Religious aspects, Free enterprise Social aspects, Income distribution, Wealth, Poor, Poverty