Table of contents for What moves man : the realist theory of international relations and its judgment of human nature / Annette Freyberg-Inan.

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1.  Introduction
Exploring the Realist Image of Man 1
Main Arguments 5
Approach and Layout of This Book  8
Why is This Study Important? 14
Part I
What Moves Man? An Analysis of the Realist Psychology
2.  The Roots of Realism                                                   19
Introduction 19
The Roots of Realism in the History of Thucydides 23
Alternatives to Realism in the History of Thucydides 29
Summary and Conclusions 34
3.  Realism Goes Modern                                                    37
Introduction 37
Niccolo Machiavelli 40
Thomas Hobbes 46
Summary and Conclusions 58
4.  Realism Today                                                          63
Introduction 63
"Classical" Realism in the Twentieth Century 67
Neorealism and Beyond 73
Rational Choice and Game Theory 78
Summary and Conclusions 86
5.  Realist Man through the Ages: A Synopsis                               91
The Realist Image of Man 91
The Role of Motivational Assumptions in Realist Theory 96
The Effects of the Realist Use of Motivational Assumptions 100
Part II
Sunglasses at Night: A Critique of the Realist Psychology
6.  What Is Wrong with the Realist Psychology?                            109
The Incompleteness of Realist Motivational Assumptions 109
The Bias of Realist Motivational Assumptions 112
Realist Defenses 114

7.  The Effects of the Realist Bias                                        119
How Biased Assumptions Produce Biased Interpretations 119
How Biased Interpretations Affect Realist Scholarship 120
How Theoretical Biases Affect Reality 125
How the Realist Bias Affects International Politics 133
8. A Self-Fulfilling Prophesy?                                             143
The Problem of the Self-Fulfilling Prophesy 143
The Prophetic Status of the Realist Paradigm 144
Concluding Observations 152
9.  Conclusion: Great Debates and Small Suggestions                        155
Realism-Where Do We Go from Here? 155
Complementary Motivational Assumptions in International
Relations Theory 162
Transcending the Third Debate 168
Appendix: Biographical Notes on Authors of Classical Realism               175


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