Table of contents for Healing anxiety and depression / Daniel G. Amen, Lisa C. Routh.

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1. Seeing Anxiety and Depression: Brain SPECT Imaging

2. The Brain Systems That Underlie
   Anxiety and Depression

3. Determining Your Type: The Amen Clinic Anxiety/
   Depression Type Questionnaire

4. The Seven Types

   * Type 1: Pure Anxiety
   * Type 2: Pure Depression
   * Type 3: Mixed Anxiety and Depression
   * Type 4: Overfocused Anxiety/Depression
   * Type 5: Cyclic Anxiety/Depression
   * Type 6: Temporal Lobe Anxiety/Depression
   * Type 7: Unfocused Anxiety/Depression

5. Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment of the Seven Types

6. Effective Treatment for the Seven Types

7. Mindful Medication for the Seven Types

8. Natural Solutions: Supplement
   Strategies for the Seven Types


9. Food Is a Drug: Dietary Interventions
   for the Seven Types

10. ANTs and ANTeaters:
   Cognitive Therapy for the Seven Types

11. The Healing Power of Relationships

12. Gaining Self-Control: Breathing and
   Biofeedback Strategies

13. Gender Differences in Anxiety and Depression

14. The Darkest Side of Anxiety and Depression:
   Suicide, Cutting, and Violence

15. A Family Illness: The Impact of Anxiety
    and Depression on Families

16. Help for Insomniacs

17. What to Do When Treatment Doesn't Work

18. How to Find the Help You Need:
   A Resource Guide

19. Summary: Amen/Routh Anxiety/
    Depression Algorithm

20. 32 Strategies to Overcome Anxiety
    and Depression

    Recommended Reading

    Internet Resources




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