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VII Preface

1 The Emetic Reflex Arc
   Donnerer, J. (Graz)
11 Receptive Mechanisms of Noxious Stimulation of Emesis
   Lang, I.M. (Milwaukee, Wisc.)
22 5-HT3 Receptor Antagonists in Antiemetic Therapy
   Donnerer, J.; Beubler, E. (Graz)
33 The Site of the Antiemetic Action of NK Receptor Antagonists
    Fukuda, H.; Koga, T.; Furukawa, N.; Nakamura, E.; Harano, M.; Yanagihara, M.
78 Potential of Substance P Antagonists as Antiemetics
   Diemunsch, P. (Strasbourg); Grelot, L. (Marseille)
98 Neuronal Mechanisms and Treatment of Motion Sickness
    Schmal, E; Stoll, W. (Miinster)
113 Management of Opioid-lnduced Nausea and Emesis
    Aparasu, R.R. (Brookings, S. Dak.); Aparasu, A. (Sioux Falls, S. Dak.)
121 Prevention and Treatment of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting
    Kovac, A.L. (Kansas City, Kans.)
161 Metoclopramide for the Control of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting
    Henzi, I.; Tramer, M.R. (Geneve)
169 Prevention of Delayed Nausea and Emesis Induced by Chemotherapy
    Roila, E (Perugia)
179 Prophylaxis of Radiation-Induced Emesis
    Maranzano, E. (Terni)


192 Pharmacotherapy for Nausea and Vomiting in Early Pregnancy
   Ku§cu, N.K. (Manisa)
204 Hyperemesis gravidarum in the Clinical Setting
   Eliakim, R. (Haifa); Abulafia, 0.; Sherer, D.M. (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

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