Table of contents for Theatres of war : French committed theatre from the Second World War to the Cold War / Ted Freeman.

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Illustrations                                                vi
Acknowledgements                                            vii
Chronology                                                 viii
Abbreviations and A Note about Notes                        xii
General Introduction                                         1

Part One: Mentioning the War                                17
 Introduction                                                19
 1 Jean-Richard Bloch: Toulon                               24
 2 Armand Salacrou: Les Nuits de la colere                  36
 3 Jean-Paul Sartre: Morts sans sepulture                   47

Part Two: From the Second World War to the Cold War: The 'Historical Detour'         65
 Introduction                                                67
 4 Simone de Beauvoir: Les Bouches inutiles                 73
 5 Emmanuel Robls: Montserrat                               88
 6 Albert Camus: LesJustes                                 103

Part Three: The Cold War                                   117
 Introduction                                               119
 A: Somewhere in Central Europe: the Phantom of Stalin
 7 Jean-Paul Sartre: Les Mains sales                       124
 8 Thierry Maulnier: La Maison de la nuit                  142
 B: Hotting up: French Responses to the Korean War
 9 Gabriel Marcel: Rome n'est plus dans Rome               157
 10 Roger Vailland: Le Colonel Foster plaidera coupable     172
 C: The Martyrs of the West: the Rosenbergs and Henri Martin 
 11 Georges Soria: La Peur                                  185
 12 Claude Martin & Henri Delmas:
 Drame a Toulon-Henri Martin                            199

Conclusion                                                 215
Select Bibliography                                        227
Index                                                      235


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