Table of contents for Propaganda and Zionist education : the Jewish National Fund, 1924-1947 / Yoram Bar-Gal.

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1 The Historical Background to JNF Propaganda             1

  Historical Background to the JNF's Activities between 1924
    and 1947                                              8
  The Character, Organisation, and Deployment of JNF
  Propaganda                                                 10

2 'The Redemption of Our Country's Land': The Blue Box   30
  The Production of the Blue Box                             30
  Theory and Practice in Blue Box Work                       34
  The Financial Value of the Box Contribution                38

3 'To Touch the Land of Israel': Propaganda with Stamps  41

  Continuity and Renewal                                     41
  Dialogue with Branches in the Diaspora                     44
  The 'Stamp Mitzvah': Propaganda and Indirect Taxation for
    the JNF                                                  47
  Content of the Stamps                                      49
  Summary                                                    55

4 Successes and Failures: A Range of Propaganda Products  57

  A Range of Products: Introduction                          57
  Games and Toys: Production Efforts                         59
  The Youth Library: Achievements and Censorship         61

5 'Trapped in Their Dream': Visual Mass Propaganda       71

  Early Stage                                                71
  The First Propaganda Films                                 72
  The Magic Lantern Experience                               75
  The Golden Age of Filmstrips, 1925-1933: Expansion of
    Production                                               78
  The Years of Disappointment and the Continuation of
    Production: 1934-1947                                    83


6 The JNF Culture: Blue Box Ceremonies and Rituals     104
   The JNF Culture                                         104
   The Box Ritual in the Individual Domain                 106
   The Public Blue Box Ritual: In the Street and in School  108
   The Box Ritual: Implications                            118
   Summary                                                 122

7 Political and Organisational Propaganda on JNF Maps  137
   Propaganda on Maps                                      137
   The Background to Publication of the Maps               139
   The JNF Maps of Eretz Yisrael                           140
   Summary                                                 151

8 The Propaganda Image of Eretz Yisrael                   152
   Site and Place                                          152
   The JNF Landscape                                       153
   'The Emek Is a Dream': The Unfolding of a Story      160
   Summary                                                 167
Conclusions                                                 169
   The Organisational Theory Aspect                        169
   The Organisational Culture Aspect                       170
   Organisational Structure and Leadership                 172
   Practical Aspects                                       174
   Postscript                                              176


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