Table of contents for Sources and methods in African history : spoken, written, unearthed / edited by Toyin Falola and Christian Jennings.

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     Acknowledgments                                             xi

     Introduction                                               xiii

                   Part I. Archaeological Sources

1    Section Introduction: Archaeology and History          3
       James Denbow

2    Trouble with Siblings: Archaeological and Historical
     Interpretation of the West African Past                7
        Christopher DeCorse and Gerard Chouin

3    Material Culture and Cadastral Data: Documenting the
     Cedarberg Frontier, South Africa, 1725-1740                 16
       Laura J. Mitchell

4    Chronology, Material Culture, and Pathways to the Cultural
     History of Yoruba-Edo Region, 500 B.C.-A.D. 1800      33
       Akinwumi Ogundiran

5    For Trinkets Such As Beads: A Revalorization of Khoisan
     Labor in Colonial Southern Africa                           80
       Edwin N. Wilmsen

                Part II. Africa and the Atlantic World

6    Section Introduction: Methodology through the Ethnic
     Lens: The Study of Atlantic Africa                        105
       Paul Lovejoy

7    Pathways to African Ethnicity in the Americas:
     African National Associations in Cuba during Slavery  118
        Matt Childs


8    Slave Trade Nomenclature and African Ethnicities in the
     Americas: Evidence from Early Eighteenth-Century
     Costa Rica                                                 145
       Russell Lohse

9   Africa in Louisiana: In Search of "Bambara" and
     Creole Identities in Literary and Statistical Sources   156
       Kevin Roberts

                   Part III. Documentary Sources

10   Section Introduction: New Approaches to
     Documentary Sources                                       169
        Thomas Spear

11   They Called Themselves Iloikop: Rethinking Pastoralist
     History in Nineteenth-Century East Africa                 173
        Christian Jennings

12   Interpreting Cases, Disentangling Disputes: Court Cases
     as a Source for Understanding Patron-Client Relationships
     in Early Colonial Lagos                                   195
       Kristin Mann

13   Capricious Tyrants and Persecuted Subjects: Reading
     between the Lines of Missionary Records in
     Precolonial Northern Namibia                              219
       Meredith McKittrick

                       Part IV. Oral Tradition

14   Section Introduction: Oral Tradition: Classic Questions,
     New Answers                                               239
        Dennis Cordell

15   Narratives on Pilgrimages to Mecca: Beauty versus History
     in Mande Oral Tradition                                   249
       Jan Jansen

16   Kingship and the Mediators of the Past: Oral Tradition
     and Ritual Performance in Nupeland, Nigeria               268
        Constanze Weise

17   Passages in a Struggle over the Past: Stories of Maji Maji
     in Njombe, Tanzania                                       295
       James Giblin

18   Maisha: Life History and the History of Livelihood along
     the TAZARA Railway in Tanzania                            312
       Jamie Monson

              Part V. Innovative Sources and Methods

19   Section Introduction: Innovative Sources and Methods  331
       David Henige

20   Ben and Maggie: Consuming Data: Reassessing Scientific
     and Anthropological Evidence: Historical Perspective on
     Nutrition Studies                                         335
        Cynthia Brantley

21   Electricity Networks in Africa: A Comparative Study, or
     How to Write Social History from Economic Sources    346
        Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch

22  "Rain or Shine We Gonna' Rock": Dance Subcultures and
     Identity Construction in Accra, Ghana                     361
       Steven J. Salm

23   Sample Surveys: Underexploited Sources for
     African Social History                                    376
       Dennis D. Cordell

     Contributors                                             393

     Index                                                     399


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