Table of contents for The fall of France : the Nazi invasion of 1940 / Julian Jackson.

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                       PART I: THE STORY

                       1. 'We Are Beaten'
                  16 May 1940: Churchill in Paris
                  The Mysterious General Gamelin
                  'Ready for War': Tanks and Guns
                          The Air Force
          French Military Doctrine: 'Retired on Mount Sinai'?
                 Fighting in Belgium: The Dyle Plan
                      The Matador's Cloak
                    The Allied Order of Battle
                    10-15 May: Into Belgium
                 10-12 May: Through the Ardennes
                13 May: The Germans Cross the Meuse
  14-15 May: The Counter-attack Fails: The Tragic Fate of the Three DCRs
                   17-18 May: The Tortoise Head
    19-20 May: 'Without Wishing to Intervene...': The End of Gamelin

                   2. Uneasy Allies
              21 May 1940: Weygand in Ypres
              Looking for Allies:. 1920-1938
        Elusive Albion: Britain and France 1919-1939
               The Alliance That Never Was
    Gamelin's Disappointments: Poland, Belgium, Britain
           Britain and France in the Phoney War
       10-22 May: 'Allied to so Temperamental a Race'
              22-25 May: The 'Weygand Plan'
                The Belgian Capitulation
             26 May-4 June: Operation Dynamo
            After Dunkirk: 'In Mourning For Us'

              3. The Politics of Defeat
         12 June 1940: Paul Reynaud at Cango (Loire)
                 The French Civil War 
               'Rather Hitler than Blum?'
    April 1938-September 1939: The Daladier Government
                    Daladier at War
                  Reynaud v. Daladier
                    Reynaud at War
             25-28 May: Weygand's Proposal
          29 May-9 June: Reynaud's Alternative
             12-16 June: Reynaud v. Weygand
             16 June: Reynaud's Resignation

             4. The French People at War
         17 June 1940: Georges Friedmann in Niort
                   Remembering 1914
                   A Pacifist Nation
Going to War: 'Something between Resolution and Resignation'
                   Phoney War Blues
                 Why Are We Fighting?
                 The French Army in 1940

        Soldiers at War I: 'Confident and Full of Hope'
    Soldiers at War II: 'The Germans Are at Bulson' (13 May)
  Soldiers at War III: The 'Molecular Disintegration' of the 7iDI
                       The Exodus
      Soldiers at War IV: 'Sans esprit de recul' (5-10 June)


             5. Causes and Counterfactuals

             July 1940: Marc Bloch in Gueret
                 Historians and the Defeat
                   Counterfactuals I:
           Counterfactuals II: Britain's Finest Hour
           The Other Side of the Hill: Germany
         Explaining Defeat: 'Moving in a Kind of Fog'
                    Army and Society

                    6. Consequences

June 1940: Francois Mitterrand at Verdun: 'No Need to Say More'
                Vichy: The Lessons of Defeat
             'Fulcrum of the Twentieth Century'
                     Gaullism and 1940
                National Renewal after 1945
                1940 and Colonial Nostalgia
                       1940 Today


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