Table of contents for Sharks, rays, and chimaeras of California / David A. Ebert ; illustrations by Mathew D. Squillante.

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   Foreword by L. J. V. Compagno                       ix
   Preface                                             xi
   Acknowledgments                                     xiii

INTRODUCTION                                        1
   Early Studies of California Sharks               2
   California's Marine Environment                  5
   Classification of Cartilaginous Fishes           8
   What Are Cartilaginous Fishes?                   9
   Distribution                                       13
   General Biology                                    16
   Fisheries                                          34
   Injuries from Cartilaginous Fishes                 36
   How to Use This Book                               42
   Key to Chondrlchthyan Orders Found In
     California Waters                                48

SPECIES ACCOUNTS                                      49

     Cow and Frilled Sharks (Hexanchlformes)       50

     Dogfish Sharks (Squallformes)                   59

     Angel Sharks (Squatinlformes)                    76

     Horn Sharks (Heterodontlformes)                 81

   Carpet Sharks (Orectoloblformes)                87

   Mackerel Sharks (Lamniformes)                   92

   Ground Sharks (Carcharhinlformes)              125

   Rays (Rajlformes)                              180

   Chimaeras (Chlmaerlformes)                     237

Egg Cases                                         244
Checklist of California Chondrichthyans           247
Glossary                                          251
Museums and Research Institutions                 257
References                                        259
Index                                             275


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