Table of contents for The Taliban : ascent to power / Gohari M.J.

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1  Afghanistan's History                                1
   Before Islam
   Islamic Conquest
   From the Mongol Invasion to the 19th Century
   Development of the Modem State from Early
                    1900s to the Taliban Rule

2  The Mujahideen                                        10
   Burhanuddin Rabbani
   Ahmad Shah Masoud
   Gulbuddin Hekmatyar
   Younus Khalis
   Abd al-Rab Rasul Sayyaf
   Sayyed Ahmad Gailani
   Nabi Mohammadi
   Ayatollah Mazari

3  The Taliban's Islamic Theology                        26
   The Hanafite School
   Students, Schools, and Curricula
   Sources of Influence on the Taliban's Islam

4  Political Infrastructure of the Taliban Rule        44
   Allah's Governments
   Contemporary Political Administrations of Allah
   Iranian Example
   Saudi Example
   The Taliban Socio-Political Doctrine
   The Taliban and Democracy


5  The Taliban and Economy                               63
   Economic Development and the Islamic World
   A Theological Insight to the Islamic Economy
   Grounds for Culmination of the Islamic Economy
   The Economy in Conformity with Other Islamic Systems
   Resilience of the Islamic Economy
   Afghanistan's Economic Account
   Economic Significance of Afghanistan at Ancient Times
   Afghanistan's Economic Resources
   Economic Administration until 1994
   Taliban's Economic Agenda
   Drug Business and Taliban Economy
   Grounds for Western Investment in Afghanistan
   Afghanistan's Natural Resources
   Historical Oil and Gas Survey
   Energy Sector under the Taliban

6  Social Order and Human Rights under the Taliban     98
   Taliban and Education
   Ethnic and Religious Minorities
   Civil Rights
   Women and the Taliban Rule

7  The Taliban and Afghanistan's Neighbours             111
   Export of the Islamic Caliphate
   The Taliban and Pakistan
   The Taliban and Iran
   India and China.
   Central Asian Neighbours of Afghanistan

8  Bin Laden                                          134
   Bin Laden's Life
   His Outlook
   Bin Laden and the Fatwa against the US
   American and Taliban Row over Bin Laden

9  A Word on the Taliban-UN Dilemma                  143

   Conclusion                                        147


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