Table of contents for Parrish & poetry : a gift of words and art / compiled and edited by Laurence S. Cutler and Judy Goffman Cutler.

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Preface                                                         9

Introduction                                                   10

Prologue to THE CANTERBURY TALES, Geoffrey Chaucer             14
      Photograph: Maxfield Parrish reading Chaucer            15
EVEN SUCH Is TIME, Sir Walter Raleigh                          16
       The Tempest                                             17
THE PASSIONATE SHEPHERD TO HIS LOVE, Christopher Marlowe       18
       Shepherd with Purple Robe                               19
OH MISTRESS MINE, William Shakespeare                          20
       Sleeping Beauty                                        21
THE ECSTASY, John Donne                                        22
      Ecstasy                                                 23
STILL TO BE NEAT, Ben Jonson                                   24
      Lady Violetta about to Make the Tarts                   25
To HIS COY MISTRESS, Andrew Marvell                            26
       Griselda                                               27
ODE ON SOLITUDE, Alexander Pope                                28
       The Century Midaummer Holiday Number                   29
How SLEEP THE BRAVE, William Collins                           30
       The Knave                                              31
To SPRING, William Blake                                       32
      Morning (Spring)                                        33
THE BANKS O' DOON, Robert Burns                               34
       Hilltop                                                35


MUTABILITY, William Wordsworth                              36
       The Lute Players (Interlude)                         37
SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY, George Gordon, Lord Byron              38
      Florentine Fete: The Garden of Opportunity            39
WHEN WE Two PARTED, George Gordon, Lord Byron               40
       The Knave Watches Violetta Depart                    41
PROMETHEUS UNBOUND (excerpt), Percy Bysshe Shelley          42
      Prometheus                                            4
To NIGHT, Percy Bysshe Shelley                              44
      Spirit of the Night                                   45
BRIGHT STAR, John Keats                                     46
      Stars                                                 47
I REMEMBER, I REMEMBER, Thomas Hood                         48
      Dream Light                                           49
WOODMAN, SPARE THAT TREE, George Pope Morris                 50
      Riverbank, Autumn                                     51
WATER, Ralph Waldo Emerson                                   52
      Moonlight                                             53
How Do I LOVE THEE?, Elizabeth Barrett Browning              54
      Deep WoodMoonlht                                      55
THE DAY Is DONE, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow                  56
      Deep Valley                                           57
THE VALLEY OF UNREST, Edgar Allan Poe                        58
      Sunlit Valley                                         59
THE SPLENDOR FALLS, Alfred, Lord Tennyson                    60
      Dream Castle in the Sky                               61
FLOWER IN THE CRANNIED WALL, Alfred, Lord Tennyson           62
       Sunrise                                               63
ROSES ON THE TERRACE, Alfred, Lord Tennyson                  64
      Florentine Fete: Buds below the Roses                 65


THE LAST LEAF, Oliver Wendell Holmes                          66
      The CardinalArchbihop                                  67
To THE MOUNTAINS, Henry David Thoreau                         68
      New Hampshire Hills                                    69
FALL, LEAVES, FALL, Emily Bronte                              70
      Riverat Acutney                                        71
SUCCESS Is COUNTED SWEETEST, Emily Dickinson                  72
      Lady Ursula Kneeling before Pompdebile, King of Hearts  73
REMEMBER, Christina Georgina Rossetti                         74
      Reveries                                               75
OPPORTUNITY, John James Ingalls                               76
      Gateway of the Botanical Garden, Padua                 77
INVICTUS, William Ernest Henley                               78
      Died Irae                                              79
WYNKEN, BLYNKEN, AND NOD, Eugene Field                        80
       Wynken, Blynken, andNod                                81
SOLITUDE, Ella Wheeler Wilcox                                 82
      Solitude                                               83
THE NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND EYES, Francis William Bourdillon     84
      Enchantment                                            85
OUTWITTED, Edwin Markham                                      86
      Its Walls Were as of Jasper                            87
BLUE REMEMBERED HILLS, Alfred Edward Housman                  88
       Thy Rock and Rils                                      89
THE ANSWER, Rudyard Kipling                                   90
       Garden of Allah                                        91
WHEN I'M GONE TO COME No Mo', Georgia Sea Islands slave song  92
      Photograph: Lydia Austin Parrish                       93
TREES, Joyce Kilmer                                           94
       The Glen                                               95


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