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   Greece in the European Union:
   The New Role and the New Agenda                                    p. 9
   P.C. loakimidis

I. The Evolving Role of Greece in the EU
 1. Greece in the European Union: A Historical Account           p. 17
    K. Botsiou
 2. Greece in the European Union: Political and Economic Aspects  p. 37
    L. Tsoukalis

II. The "Europeanization" of Greece: Political Aspects
 3. The Europeanization of Greece: an overall assessment         p. 49
    P. C. Ioakimidis
 4. Greece in the European Union:
    A Political/Institutional Balance Sheet                           p. 64
    M. Tsinisizelis
 5. The Irony of Symbolic Reciprocities:
    The Greek Meaning of "Europe" as a Historical Inversion
    of the European Meaning of "Greece".                              p. 75
    C. Tsoukalas
 6. Greek Civil Society in the 21st Century                           p. 90
    Ch. Lyrintzis
 7. The Europeanization of Greece's Party System                     p. 100
    M. Spourdalakis
 8. The Europeanization of Greece's Foreign Policy:
    Progress and Problems                                            p. 108
    P. C. Ioakimidis
 9. Greek Administrative Reform and the EU                           p. 118
    A. Makridimitris

III.The "Europeanization" of Greece: Economic Aspects
 10. Greece: Stabilization and Reform in the 90's                    p. 133
    P. Kazakos
 11. The Greek Welfare System in the European Context            p. 156
   G. Andreou & N. Koutsiaras
 12. Greece and the European Social Model                            p. 169
   J. Ifandopoulos
 13. The European Integration of Greek Agriculture
    Twenty Years after the Accession to the EU                       p. 185
    N. Maraveyas & G. Mermigas


IV. Greece, the EU and S.E. Europe
 14. Greece and the Enlargement of the EU                           p. 199
    E. Kostopoulos
 15. Greek-Turkish Relations in a European Setting            p. 213
   Th. Couloumbis
 16. reece, the EU and the Balkans                                  p. 224
    S. Wallden
 17. Greece and the Mediterranean                                   p. 241
    D. Chryssochoou & D. Xenakis
 18. The New Role of Greece in the regional System:
    Trends, Challenges and Capabilities                             p. 252

V. The Future of Europe and Greece
 19. Federal Ideas and the Greek Responses                          p. 267

VI. Conclusions:
 20. Greece's contribution to the European Union                    p. 285
    P. C. loakimidis

(i) Memorandum of the Greek Government to the
   Initergovernmental Conference on the Institutional
   Reform of the European Union                                    p. 289
(ii) Greece in the European Union                                  p. 294

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   List of Contributors                                            p. 307
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