Table of contents for Changing conversations in organizations : a complexity approach to change / Patricia Shaw.

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1 Changing conversations                                    1
     What has 'facilitation' come to mean?                  1
     The legacy of process consultation and organization
     development                                            8
     Conversing as organizing, organizing as conversing    11
     The value of 'just talking'                                12
     Glimpsing another way of working                           18
     A complexity approach to change                            20

2 Making sense of gathering and gathering to make sense   23
     'Changing the culture' at Broadstone                       23
     Making sense of this story: interviewing myself       26
     'Changing the culture' at Ferrovia                         34
     Making sense of this story: continuing the interview  38

3 The transformative activity of conversing                     45
     Making sense from within the conduct of our conversations  45
     Back to Ferrovia                                           46
     Emergence at the edge of chaos                             66
     Key themes                                                 70

4 The politics of change                                        72
     Self-organizing power figurations                          72
     The dynamics of inclusion-exclusion                        74
     Back in Ferrovia - the lead up to and aftermath of the Site
     Committee meeting                                          75
     The start of another cultural change assignment       84

5 Organizational change as ensemble improvisation           96
     The enabling trap of professional practice                  96
     Collective storytelling                                     98
     Enacting our sense-making                                   106
     Forum Theatre: showing us how we do what we do        109
     Ensemble improvisation - constructing the future together  111
     Agency in human affairs                                     116

6 The legacy of organization development                         118
     Narrative sense-making                                      121
     Metaphorical sense-making                                   122
     Logical sense-making                                        123
     Organizational Development and process consultation   125
     Process, participation and the reflective practitioner  126
     Process consultation                                        127
     Learning to learn                                           130
     The learning organization                                   132
     Group relations                                            134
     From 'hard' to 'soft' systems                               137

7 What's the difference? Other approaches to conversation,
  participation and organizational change                       140
     'Getting the whole system in the room'                     142
     Organizations as 'living systems'                          152
     The art of dialogue                                         161
     Communities of practice                                    165


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