Table of contents for Transdermal drug delivery / edited by Richard H. Guy, Jonathan Hadgraft.

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 1. Feasibility Assessment in Topical and Transdermal Delivery:
    Mathematical Models and In Vitro Studies
    Jonathan Hadgraft and Richard H. Guy

 2. Evaluating the Transdermal Permeability of Chemicals
    Brent E. Vecchia and Annette L. Bunge

 3. Skin Absorption Databases and Predictive Equations
     Brent E. Vecchia and Annette L. Bunge

 4. Partitioning of Chemicals into Skin: Results and Predictions
     Brent E. Vecchia and Annette L. Bunge

 5. Iontophoresis: Applications in Drug Delivery and Noninvasive
     M. Begofia Delgado-Charro and Richard H. Guy

 6. Skin Electroporation for Transdermal and Topical Drug
     Veronique Preat and Rita Vanbever


 7. Sonophoresis: Ultrasound-Enhanced Transdermal Drug Delivery
    Victor Meidan

 8. Metabolic Approach to Transdermal Drug Delivery
    Peter M. Elias, Kenneth R. Feingold, Janice Tsai,
    Carl Thornfeldt, and Gopinathan Menon

 9. The Application of Supersaturated Systems to Percutaneous
    Drug Delivery
    Mark Pellett, S. Lakshmi Raghavan, Jonathan Hadgraft, and
    Adrian Davis

10. Minimally Invasive Systems for Transdermal Drug Delivery
    James A. Down and Noel G. Harvey

11. Transdermal Drug Delivery System Regulatory Issues
    Vinod P. Shah


Library of Congress Subject Headings for this publication: Transdermal medication, Skin Physiology, Administration, Cutaneous, Drug Delivery Systems, Permeability, Skin Absorption physiology