Table of contents for Emotional longevity : what really determines how long we live / Norman B. Anderson with P. Elizabeth Anderson.

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Preface and Acknowledgments
Introduction: Emotional Longevity: Toward a New Definition of Health

PART I: Thoughts and Actions 1: Expectations, Explanations, and Beliefs
      Chapter 1: Expectations and Explanations
      Chapter 2: Is Optimism Always Good?
                Is Pessimism Always Bad?
      Chapter 3: The Power of Beliefs and Illusions

PART II: Thoughts and Actions 2: Concealing and Revealing Trauma
      Chapter 4: Silence, Secrets, and Lies: The High Price of Concealment and Avoidance
      Chapter 5: Emotional Disclosure: The Remarkable Benefits of Opening Up

PART III: Environment and Relationships: Social Immunity
       Chapter 6: Healing Bonds
       Chapter 7: Mixed Blessings: The Complexity of Social Relationships


PART IV: Personal Achievement and Equality: Learning, Earning, and Surviving
       Chapter 8: Beyond Obelisks:  The Mystery of the Gradient
       Chapter 9: Beyond Individual Achievement: Inequality and Race

PART V: Faith and Meaning: Existential, Religious, and Spiritual Dimensions of Health
      Chapter 10: From Trauma to Meaning
      Chapter 11: The Health Benefits of Finding Meaning
      Chapter 12: Faith, Meaning, and Longevity

PRRT VI: Connections-to Emotions, to the Future
      Chapter 13: Emotional Connections
      Chapter 14: Emotions as "Connective Tissue"
      Chapter 15: Connecting to the Future



Library of Congress Subject Headings for this publication: Longevity, Emotions, Aging Prevention