Table of contents for The little book of restorative justice / Howard Zehr.

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1. An Overview                             3
    Why this Little Book?                  5
    Restorative justice is not...         8
    Restorative justice is concerned      13
       about needs and roles

2. Restorative Principles                    19
    Three pillars of restorative justice  22
    The "who" and the "how" are important 25
    Restorative justice aims to put       28
       things right
    A restorative lens                       32
    Defining restorative justice             36
    The goals of restorative justice      37
    Guiding questions of restorative      38
    Signposts of restorative justice      40


3. Restorative Practices                  42
    Core approaches often involve an    44
    Models differ in the "who" and the "how" 47
    Models differ in their goals          52
    A restorative continuum                54

4. Is It Either/Or?                       58
    Retributive justice vs. restorative justice? 58
    Criminal justice vs. restorative justice?  59
    Restorative justice is a river      61

Appendix I: Fundamental Principles      64
    of Restorative Justice
Endnotes                                  70
Selected Readings                         72
About the Author                          76


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