Table of contents for North American owls : biology and natural history / Paul A. Johnsgard.

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                  Foreword     v
                  Preface to the Second Edition  vii
                  Preface to the First Edition  xi

Part One          Comparative Biology of Owls

Chapter 1         Evolution and Classification of North American Owls      3
Chapter 2         Comparative Ecology and Distribution    9
Chapter 3         Comparative Morphology and Physiology    18
Chapter 4         Comparative Behavior     32
Chapter 5         Comparative Reproductive Biology    43
Chapter 6         Owls in Myth and Legend     54

Part Two          Natural Histories of North American Owls

                  Family Tytonidae  63
                    Barn Owl   65
                  Family Strigidae  74
                    Flammulated Owl    75
                    Eastern Screech-Owl  83
                    Western Screech-Owl  92
                    Mexican Screech-Owls  98
                    Whiskered Screech-Owl  104
                    Crested Owl   108
                    Spectacled Owl  110
                    Great Horned Owl   113
                    Snowy Owl    122
                    Northern Hawk-Owl    130
                    Northern Pygmy-Owl   137
                    Mexican Pygmy-Owls    145
                    Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl   149
                    Elf Owl   154
                    Burrowing Owl   161
                    Mottled Owl   170
                    Black-and-White Owl  173
                    Spotted Owl   176
                    Barred Owl   186
                    Great Gray Owl   194

                   Long-eared Owl  202
                   Stygian Owl  211
                   Short-eared Owl  213
                   Striped Owl  221
                   Boreal Owl  224
                   Northern Saw-whet Owl  234

Appendix 1        Key to Genera and Species of North American Owls
                  (Exclusive of Strictly Mexican Species)  243
                  Key to Genera and Species of Indigenous Mexican Owls  244
                  Key to Structural Variations in External Ears of North
                  American Owl Genera (Exclusive of Mexico)    248
Appendix 2        Advertisement and Other Typical Calls of Non-Mexican
                  North American Owls    249
Appendix 3        Origins of Scientific and Vernacular Names
                  of North American Owls   253

                  Glossary   257
                  References   267
                  Index    295


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