Table of contents for The cultural gradient : the transmission of ideas in Europe, 1789-1991 / edited by Catherine Evtuhov and Stephen Kotkin.

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Introduction                                                     1
Catherine Evtuhov

 1  Translatio Imperil and Translatio Religionis: The "Geography
    of Salvation" in Russian and American Messianic Thinking     13
    Laurence Dickey
 2  The Religious Westernism of Ivan Gagarin                        33
    Andrzej Walicki
 3  Guizot in Russia                                                55
    Catherine Evtuhov
 4  Alexander Herzen's "Russian Socialism"                          73
    Natalia Pirumova
 5 The Problem of "Russia and the West" in Russian Historiography
    (with special reference to M. I. Rostovtsev and P. N. Miliukov)  95
    Terence Emmons
 6 William James through a Russian Prism: The Case of the
    Moscow God-Seekers                                             109
    Bernice Glatzer Rosenthal

 7 Crosscurrents of French, Austrian, and Russian Security Policing,
    1750-1900                                                      131
    Charles A. Ruud

 8 Poland between East and West: Law, Order, and Political
    Policing in the Kingdom of Poland, 1815-1914                145
    Elzbieta Kaczynska
 9 Terror in Pravda, 1917-1939: All the News That Was
    Fit to Print                                                167
    Glennys Young
10 Modern Times: The Soviet Union and the Interwar Conjuncture  187
    Stephen Kotkin
11  Persistence of the Ethic of Soviet Socialism in Late
    Twentieth-Century Russia                                    209
    N. G. O. Pereira

12 Russia, Europe, and "Western Civilization"                    229
    Jack F. Matlock, Jr.
13 A Critique of the Concept of Globalization                   243
    Alain Touraine
14 Scenes from the Polish Hell                                  257
    Adam Michnik
15 Poland, Europe, and Russia                                   277
    Jacques Le Goff
16  Foxes into Hedgehogs: Berlin and Tolstoy                    283
    Hugh McLean
17 Martin Malia and the Understanding of Russia                 295
    Nicholas V. Riasanovsky

Index                                                            311
About the Contributors                                           321


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