Table of contents for Romanticism against the tide of modernity / Michael Lčowry and Robert Sayre ; translated by Catherine Porter.

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1. Redefining Romanticism                         i
 The Romantic Enigma, or "Tumultuous Colors"      i
 The Concept of Romanticism                      14
 The Romantic Critique of Modernity              29
 The Genesis of the Phenomenon                   43

2. Romanticism: Political and Social Diversity   57
 Outline of a Typology                           57
 Hypotheses for a Sociology of Romanticism       83

3. Excursus: Marxism and Romanticism             88
 Karl Marx                                       88
 Rosa Luxemburg                                  99
 Gy6rgy Lukacs                                  104

4. Visages of Romanticism in the Nineteenth Century     117
 Romanticism and the French Revolution: The Young Coleridge    117
 Romanticism and the Industrial Revolution:
    The Social Critique of John Ruskin             127

5. Visages of Romanticism in the Twentieth Century  147
 Romanticism and Religion: The Mystical
    Socialism of Charles Peguy                     156


 Romanticism and Utopia: Ernst Bloch's Daydream  169
 Romanticism as a Feminist Vision: The Quest of Christa Wolf  87

6. The Fire Is Still Burning: From Surrealism to the Present Day and Beyond     214
 Surrealism                                    214
 May 1968                                      219
 Contemporary Mass Culture                     225
 The New Social Movements                      229
 The New Religious Movements                   230
 The Contemporary Romantic Critique of Civilization    232
 What Future for Romanticism?                  249


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