Table of contents for Writing winning business proposals : your guide to landing the client, making the sale, persuading the boss / Richard C. Freed, Shervin Freed, Joseph D. Romano.

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Part 1. Proposal Logics                                        9

1. Understanding Generic Structure Logic                      11
   The Slots in a Proposal's Generic Structure 12
   Slots Speaking to Slots 13
   Slots Are Not Necessarily Sections 14
   All Slots Should Be Filled or Accounted For 14
   Chapter 1 Review: Understanding Generic Structure
   Logic 16
   Work Session 1: Proposal Opportunity at the ABC Company,
   a Division of Consolidated Industries 17

2. Understanding the Baseline Logic                           18
   The Three Kinds of Current Situations, Desired Results,
   Objectives, and Benefits 20
   Assessing the Baseline Logic's Alignment 24
   Are the Overriding Problem, Effects, and Benefits
   Aligned? 25
   Are the Deliverables Aligned with the Desired Result and
   Objective? Are the Deliverables Aligned with the
   Benefits? 29
   Are the Desired Result and Objective Aligned with the
   Benefits? 30
   Testing the Baseline Logic 31
   The Baseline Logic and Your Value Proposition 35
   The Relationship Among the Generic Structure Slots, the
   Baseline Logic, and Your Proposed Project 36
   Chapter 2 Review: Understanding the Baseline Logic 39

    Work Session 2: Constructing the Baseline Logic for the
    Situation at ABC 41

 3. Using a Measurable-Results Orientation                  52
    Measurable Results Orientation: The Insight Project 53
    Measurable Results Orientation: The Planning Project 54
    Measurable Results Orientation: The Implementation Project  56
    Chapter 3 Review: Using a Measurable-Results Orientation   57
    Work Session 3: Applying a Measurable-Results Orientation  for ABC 58

 4. Constructing a Logical Methodology-The Pyramid
    Principle                                               59
    Using Pyramid Logic 60
    Step 1: Clearly Identify the Objective(s), Based on the
    Overriding Question(s) 65
    Step 2: Place Each Objective Atop a Pyramid and Order the
    Actions Necessary to Achieve It 67
    Step 3: Sequence the Actions 70
    Step 4: Identify and Integrate the Activities Necessary for
    Planning and Communicating Your Proposed Actions 71
    The Pyramid, Deliverables, and the Logics Worksheets 73
    Chapter 4 Review: Constructing the Logical Methodology 75
    Work Session 4: Developing the Pyramid for ABC  76

Part 2. Proposal Psychologics                               81

 5. Analyzing the Buyers                                    83
    The Four Buying Roles 84
    A Fifth Buying Role 89
    Beyond S1-+S2-B  90
    Chapter 5 Review: Analyzing the Buyers 93
    Work Session 5: Identifying Buyer Roles and Generating
    Benefits for ABC 94

 6. Selecting and Developing Themes-Determining What to
    Weave in Your Web of Persuasion                        100
    What Themes Are 102
    Where Themes Come From    103
    Selecting the Themes  111
    Developing the Themes 113

    Chapter 6 Review: Selecting and Developing Themes 116
    Work Session 6: Identifying Hot Buttons and Evaluation
    Criteria, Countering the Competition, and Developing the
    Themes for ABC 117

 7. Green Team Reviews: Collaborating to Improve
    Your Odds of Winning                                  130
    The Strategic Premise of Green Team Collaboration  133
    The Green Team Review: What It Is 134
    The Green Team: Who It Is 135
    The Green Team Review: How It Works 136
    The Green Team Review: What Happens Afterward 138
    Green Team Reviews: Some Final Thoughts 139

Part 3. Proposal Preparation                              141

 8. Writing the Situation and Objectives Slots            143
    The Story/S1 Component 144
    The Questions Component 147
    The Closing/S2 Component 150
    The Situation Slot and Competitive Advantage  151
    Chapter 8 Review: Writing the Situation and Objectives
    Slots 152
    Work Session 7: Writing the Situation and Objectives
    Slots for ABC 153

 9. Writing the Methods Slot                              157
    PIP 157
    PIP at the Task Level 159
    PIP at the Methods Section Level  160
    Chapter 9 Review: Writing the Methods Slot 163
    Work Session 8: Writing the Methods Section for ABC 164

10. Interlude: Focusing on Persuasion                     171
    Determining the Level of Persuasiveness 173
    P-Slots and Themes 176
    Chapter 10 Review: Focusing on Persuasion 178

11. Writing the Qualifications Slot                       179
    Your Qualifications Section Needs to Be an Argument 181
    Typical Qualifications Sections Don't Present an
    Argument 182
    Use Your Themes Development Worksheet to Structure Your
    Argument 183

    Chapter 11 Review: Writing the Qualifications Slot 185
    Work Session 9: Writing the Qualifications Section for
    ABC 187

12. Writing the Benefits Section                            191
    The Kinds of Benefits 192
    The Function of the Benefits Slot 192
    The Content of the Benefits Section (Work Session 10) 193
    Chapter 12 Review: Writing the Benefits Section 197

13. Writing the Fees Slot                                   198
    Pricing Considerations after Initial Contact 199
    Pricing Considerations After In-Depth Analysis 201
    Our Return on Our Consulting Investment 202
    The Strategic Value of This Opportunity to You 204
    The Potential Risk to You and Your Firm 205
    The Relative Capability of You and Other Consultants to
    Answer Our Question(s) in This Project 206
    You and Your Competitors' Relationship with Our Buying
    Committee 207
    The Desirability of This Project to You for Internal or
    Tactical Reasons 208
    Your Pricing History with Us 209
    A Bit of a Summary, and More 210

14. Summary-The Proposal Development Process                213
    The Proposal Development Process 214


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