Table of contents for Evolution, gender, and rape / edited by Cheryl Brown Travis.

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Evolutionary Models and Gender  1
1 Talking Evolution and Selling Difference  3
   Cheryl Brown Travis
2  Female Sexuality and the Myth of Male Control  29
   Christine M. Drea and Kim Wallen
3 Power Asymmetries between the Sexes, Mate Preferences, and
   Components of Fitness  61
   Patricia Adair Gowaty
4 Does Self-Report Make Sense as an Investigative Method in
   Evolutionary Psychology?  87
   Stephanie A. Shields and Pamela Steinke
5  Understanding Rape  105
   Ethel Tobach and Rachel Reed
6 Pop Sociobiology Reborn: The Evolutionary Psychology of Sex
   and Violence  139
   A. Leah Vickers and Philip Kitcher

Critiquing Evolutionary Models of Rape  169
7  Of Vice and Men: A Case Study in Evolutionary Psychology  171
   Jerry A. Coyne
8 Evolutionary Models of Why Men Rape: Acknowledging the
   Complexities  191
   Mary P. Koss
9  Theory and Data on Rape and Evolution  207
   Cheryl Brown Travis

10 An Unnatural History of Rape  221
   Michael Kimmel
11 Violence against Science: Rape and Evolution  235
   Elisabeth A. Lloyd

Integrative and Cultural Models of Gender and Rape  263
12 The Origins of Sex Differences in Human Behavior: Evolved
   Dispositions versus Social Roles  265
   Alice H. Eagly and Wendy Wood
13 The Evolutionary Value of the Man (to) Child Affiliative Bond: Closer
   to Obligate Than to Facultative  305
   Wade C. Mackey
14 Rape-Free versus Rape-Prone: How Culture Makes
   a Difference  337
   Peggy Reeves Sanday
15 What Is "Rape?"-Toward a Historical, Ethnographic
   Approach   363
   Emily Martin
16 Understanding Rape: A Metatheoretical Framework  383
   Jacquelyn W White and Lori A. Post
17 Coming Full Circle: Refuting Biological Determinism  413
   Sue V. Rosser
Index   425


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