Table of contents for Municipalities and community participation : a sourcebook for capacity building / Janelle Plummer.

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Chapter 1        Introduction                                                                               1
Chapter 2        A Strategic Framework for Municipal Capacity Building                                       7
Chapter 3        The External Operating Context                                                              11
                 The political context                                                                       13
                 The legislative and policy context                                                          15
                 The administrative context                                                                  19
                 Policy level leadership                                                                     21

Chapter 4        The Elements of Participation                                                               25
                  Overview                                                                                    25
                  The objectives of participation                                                             27
                  The needs of the poor                                                                       29
                  Factors affecting participation                                                            33
                  Factors affecting participation in service delivery                                        39
                  Options for community participation in the project cycle                                   43
                  Forms of participation                                                                     53

Chapter 5        The Vehicles of Participation                                                              59
                 Overview                                                                                   59
                 The capacity of the municipality to interface with poor communities                         61
                 The community interface and the community capacity                                          67
                 Partnerships with non-governmental organisations                                           75

Chapter 6        The Internal Capacity of the Municipality                                                  85
                 Overview                                                                                   85
                 Municipal staff capacity                                                                   87
                 Effective municipal structures                                                             97
                 Municipal systems and procedures                                                          103
                 Financial stability                                                                       109
                 Attitudinal change                                                                         111

Chapter 7        The Management Capacity of the Municipality                                               119
                 Overview                                                                                   119
                 Understanding the constraints to effective municipal management for participation         121
                 Elements of effective management for community participation                              125

Chapter 8        Framework for Action                                                                      129
Appendix A       Background to Case Studies                                                                135
                 References                                                                               139
                 Index                                                                                    141


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