Table of contents for The British Isles, 1901-1951 / edited by Keith Robbins.

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Introduction: Halfway House-Isles and Empire
  over half a century                                            1
  Keith Robbins

  Signs of the times                                             1
  Ideals and realities                                           3
  A matter of balance                                            5
  Total war                                                      7
  Passing glory?                                                  10

1 British Isles/British Empire: dual mandate/dual identity      13
  Keith Jeffery

  The Empire in the new century                                    13
  The Boer War and its impact                                     16
  Challenges of imperial defence                                  18
  The Empire in the world wars                                    20
  Mobilizing popular imperialism at home and abroad               25
  Imperial circuses: Empire exhibitions and ephemera              29
  Imperial bread: economics and Empire                            33
  Imperial commonwealth: democracy and Empire                     35
  Sport, sterling, and 'sigint'                                   38
  The end of Empire                                               40

2 Electing the governors/the governance of the elect              43
  Duncan Tanner

  The structure of British politics before 1914                   44
  The First World War and its aftermath                           48
  Restructuring postwar politics: electing the governors        50
  The imperial dimension                                          54

  The governance of the elect?                                     58
  The National government and the Empire                           63
  The National government and electoral politics                   66
  The Second World War and its aftermath: assessing
  Labour's record                                                  67

3 The British Way and Purpose                                      73
  Keith Robbins

  British genius                                                   73
  The diversity of the kingdom                                     76
  The call of duty                                                 78
  Ireland: the parting of the ways                                 81
  Residual consolidation                                           85
  Putting the British case                                         87
  Orchestrating unity                                              89
  Staying special                                                  92
  Finest hour and future foreboding                                98

4 Being British: creeds and cultures                              103
  Sidn Nicholas

  The arts: high, low and mass middlebrow culture                 104
  Sporting cultures                                                113
  'Being religious'                                                117
  Juvenile and youth culture                                       119
  Women and culture                                               120
  National culture or national cultures?                           121
  Americanization                                                 124
  'Being British': in defence of national culture                 125
  The Second World War: national culture and national
  identity 1939-1945                                              129
  A new world coming                                               134

5 Unity and disunity: the price of victory                        137
  David Dutton

  A genuine victory                                                137
  But at what price?                                              139

  Still a world power                                            142
  A European or an imperial destiny?                             145
  A united kingdom                                               148
  Pulling together for the common good151
  Towards a new Jerusalem                                        152
  A postwar consensus                                            155
  A mid-century audit                                            157
  A half-century in perspective                                 160

6 Declining advantage: the British economy                      163
  W R. Garside

  The Edwardian era: 'high summer' or latent decline?           164
  The wartime economy, 1914-1918: strains and opportunities      170
  The faltering peacetime economy                                172
  Facing the global economic environment: Britain in the 1920s   176
  Turbulent times: slump and recovery in the 1930s               179
  Orthodoxy versus radicalism: policy priorities before 1939     183
  War and reconstruction again                                   188
  Before the 'golden age': the British economy by 1950          192

7 Riches, poverty, and progress                                 197
  Rodney Lowe
  The distribution of wealth and income                         199
    reasons for redistribution                                  202
    the impact on class                                         203
  Poverty                                                       207
    social consequences                                          211
  Regional, gender, and racial inequality                        215
    regional inequality                                          215
    gender inequality                                           217
    racial inequality                                           220
  The welfare role of government                                 221
  Conclusion                                                    226

  Conclusion: decline and progress                              229
  Keith Robbins

Further reading                                                  235


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