Table of contents for Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide / edited by Hubert Vaudry and Akira Arimura.

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List of contributors

H. Vaudry and A. Arimura

 1 PACAP: Discovery, Gene, Receptors
   A. Arimura

 2 Molecular Evolution of PACAP Precursor
   and PACAP Receptors
   B.K.C. Chow, R.T.K. Pang and S.S.M. Ng

 3 Development of Selective Ligands for PAC1,
   VPAC1 and VPAC2 Receptors
   P. Robberecht, P. Vertongen, I. Langer and J. Perret

 4 Molecular Pharmacology and Structure-Function
   Analysis of PACAP/VIP Receptors
   M. Laburthe, A. Couvineau and P. Nicole

 5 PACAP Receptor Signaling
   S. Shioda, C.J.I. Zhou and H. Ohtaki and T. Yada

 6 Function of PACAP in the Central Nervous System
   B.J. Gonzalez, D. Vaudry, M. Basille, C. Rousselle,
   A. Falluel-Morel and H. Vaudry

 7 Function of PACAP in the Hypothalamo-Pituitary
   M.Malagon, J.P. Castaiio, S. Garcia-Navarro,
   A.J. Martinez-Fuentes and F. Gracia-Navarro

 8 PACAP in the Endocrine Pancreas
   B. Ahren

 9 Function of PACAP in the Adrenal Cortex
   G.G. Nussdorfer

10  PACAP : An 'Emergency Response' Co-Transmittter
    in the Adrenal Medulla
    C. Hamelink, E. Weihe and L.E. Eiden

11  PACAP in the Urogenital Tract
    J. Fahrenkrug, J. Hannibal and S. Gras

12  Function of PACAP in the Cardiovascular System
    A. Miyata

13  Function of PACAP in the Respiratory System
    J.C. Prieto

14  Function of PACAP in the Immune System
    M. Delgado, J. Leceta and R.P. Gomariz

15  PACAP Receptor Knockout and Transgenics.
    What Have We Learnt?
    P. Brabet, F. Jamen, N. Rodriguez-Henche, G. Bertrand
    and J. Bockaert

16  Consequences of PACAP Gene Knockout
    N.M. Sherwood, S.L. Gray and K.J. Cummings

17  The Biological Significance of PACAP and PACAP
    Receptors in Human Tumors : From Cell Lines
    to Cancers
    V. Lelievre, N. Pineau and J.A. Waschek